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Both Turkey and the Armenian diaspora should look for ways of rewriting a familiar script

NOT for the first time, Armenians sense a moment of vindication in their struggle for the acknowledgment of the tragedy that befell their forebears during the first world war. Turkey is angry. And America’s administration is straining to limit the damage.

The latest Turkish-American rift over the Armenian question—after a congressional committee voted on March 4th to recognise t ... Read more »
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Actually in order to give a birth, it is necessary to be impregnated. The office of Azerbaijan’s Military Prosecutor gets impregnated only by Azerbaijan’s state propaganda, as a result of it, after years of pregnancy; it gave a birth to the dead and already decomposed little mouse.

Publication of the extensive document, about the investigation of Agdam’s tragedy reasons, became clear testimony of unprofessional unsuitability of Azerbaijani lawyers in uniform. In the preface to this "document” Military Prosecutor's office of Azerbaijan Republic first repeated the basic postulates of Azerbaijani propaganda, making its contribution - "Armenians undertook action ... Read more »
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Military successes in Tog and Sarinashen marked the beginning of a massive armed conflict between Artsakh Armenians and Azeribaijani occupants. 

Following these victories our troops carried out operations to free Lesnoe (Meshali), Malibeili, Ashagy (Nerkin), and Gushchular. The operations were planned by Commandos (Arkady Ter-Tadevosian), and carried out by Valery Balayan, commander of operations. In Karadagli, the commander of operations was Karen Babayan. There were long bouts of heavy fighting resulting in freeing both Stepanakert's suburbs and Krkzhan, as well as lifting the blockade around the only airport in NKR [Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh] and taking the Azerbaijani Special Police (OMON) base - Khojaly. 
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Since the beginning of March 1992 state propaganda of Azerbaijan Republic tells the world about the "genocide” of Azerbaijanis in the Khojaly village. Terrible pictures of killed people filled TV screens of many countries. Azerbaijani agitprop compared Khojaly with Hiroshima, Khatyn, and Lidice and other major tragedies of the XXth century. For the confirmation of the aforesaid Azerbaijani agitprop published and printed numerous shots indented to confirm the "atrocities” of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s armed units. All attempts of the Armenian side to refute this monstrous lie failed, since public’s sense of logic was overshadowed by more than expressive photos. The photographs of killed and raped children, scalped body, mother frozen in a mournful pose above the killed children, turned off thinking and the ability to rational ... Read more »
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Karvachar! Mountains and stones. Stones and mountains. This is the Armenian Country. It’s rocky and harsh, covered with two-meter snow layer, majestic and native to pain in the heart. These are our mountains, our stones. By centuries Armenian stonemasons cut stones here. It’s called Karvachar because they sold the stones to those who lived below. To those of compatriots, who selected for their residence place milder climate. Karvachar – an integral part of Artsakh. Here start all more or less important rivers of Artsakh and Utik: Tartar and Voskanapat, Khachen and Kurak, Kar-Kar and Ishhanget… Karvachar’s meltwaters are real boon for the entire east side of East Armenia. There is no coincidence that Dadivank one of the first Armenian Christian churches built in Karvachar. I won’t be surprised to find out that Dadivank was built on ... Read more »
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This, slightly tampered phrase from the play by Bertold Brecht "Event”, comes to mind whenever Azerbaijan begin preparatory actions to the event called Khojaly. The original phrase by Brecht: "And yet we are saying that we are not given not to kill”. Actually both variations completely correspond to what others say about the Turks, and Turks, with good reason, are obliged to say about themselves. And if Anatolian Turks "became famous” after the Genocide of Christian Nations and then Kurds populated Ottoman Empire, then Transcaucasian Turks shout about their Genocide over the tribesmen.

The issue of killed Khojaly civilians in the Agdam suburb claimed to be not only one of the biggest tragedies ... Read more »
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The interview of political scientist Levon MELIK-SHAHNAZARYAN
to the observer of portal Goar KARAPETYAN

G. K. Levon Grantovich, in your interview to the "Hayots Ashkhar” you said that one of the brain trust of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is located in Azerbaijan Republic. Why Azerbaijan needs it?
L. M. - Sh. Any state always tries to create/to get some influence leverage over the other, most often, over neighboring state. Even if between them were established very friendly relations. The presence of such leverage doesn’t indicate its indispensable application. This necessary determent factor insures country from possible undesirable moves of ally in its foreign policy pr ... Read more »
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In light of the political consultations on the issue of normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations, editors consider necessary to re-publish this article, first printed in April this year. The article gives ten centuries brief history of relations between Armenian people and Turkish nomadic tribes. It is published with minor amendments.

History of Armenian people for thousand years evolved according to natural laws of human existence. The nation created, fought (successfully, or not), tilled the land, etc.. In short, like "all others”. The state territory in different periods of history was expanding, and then narrowing, changing external state and internal "administrative” boundaries. Only the residence area of the Armenian people never changed: Armenian plateau – is a place, where at the dawn of history Armenian spiri ... Read more »
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 I don’t like to give advices, this is a thankless job, but I would like to recommend readers to read two interviews, given by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the "Euronews” channel and next day, to the editors of Turkish media. I personally have always been curious to follow his speeches, his ability to elude direct answers to direct questions, to present events in distorted way, attempting to maintain the image of educated and tolerant leader of the multinational state. Furthermore, taking on the background of Turkey’s foreign policy course on neoosmanizm, Erdogan clearly attempts to fit the mantle of the caliph: another post, taken away by Turks from Arabs. This explains the behavior of Erdogan in resent years; he positioned himself ... Read more »

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Starting from December 27 in Bananyar village (Dzuga region) of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic took place incidents that would be assessed in legal and moral evaluation only in a while. On that day, Shia Muslims of the entire world have ceremonies on the memory of martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions-martyrs of Karbala, Azerbaijani police raided Bananyar. Judging by the scant information, leaking from Bananyar, there are still some brutal actions against Shias. Police produces mass arrests and beatings against all including women; police officers tie old men to trees and pour water on them; dozen villagers placed in psychiatric hospital. One of the villagers Yunus Aliyev, whose father was brutally beaten and tied to the tree, in protest against police abuse and violence doused himself by gasoline and set up fire on the village square.
... Read more »
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