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The visit of US Secretary of State was waited hopefully and anxiously in Baku. After the meeting of the Presidents of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia in Saint Petersburg, when I. Aliyev ran out; USA became the last hope for the President of Azerbaijan. Aliyev expected to use advantage of the contradictions existing between Moscow and Washington in the visions of the political situation in Caucasus. It is necessary to comment that Aliyev thoroughly prepared himself for the meeting with Hilary Clinton. Now there are no doubts: the bloody provocation on June 18th was meant to America and it was a signal for USA indicating Azerbaijan’s disagreement with Russia’s proposal. Recall that Ilham Aliyev being extremely depressed by the negotiation process in Saint Petersburg, not being courage enough to contradict the President of Russia, and keeping in mind the lack of arguments confirming the territorial claims of Azerbaijan on N ... Read more »
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A few months before he became Turkey’s foreign minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s chief adviser, met with a group of Middle Eastern academics and policy experts, including Arabs and Israelis. With his academic background and immense erudition, he succeeded in painting, on a wide canvass, the new directions of Turkey’s policies under the Justice and Development Party (AKP) leadership.

By then, it had become clear that Turkey’s road to the European Union had been closed, somewhat rudely, owing mainly to combined German and French pressure. But those who expected Islamist fire and brimstone from Davutoglu were deeply disappo ... Read more »
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Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia has spread information that is reported about the intrusion into the territory of Nagorno Karabakh sabotage and intelligence group of the armed forces of Azerbaijan. According to information received from the NKR Defense Army, "June 18 at 23.30 in the vicinity of the village Chily from Azerbaijan to the territory of Nagorno Karabakh infiltrated armed reconnaissance.” As a result of measures taken by the armed forces of the NKR Defense Army, the enemy advance was stopped. The enemy was removed, carried with them the dead and wounded, but leaving the territory controlled by Armenian soldiers destroyed one team member and ammunition. The Armenian side also has losses – four soldiers of Armenian lives covered up their homeland. Four of our men were wounded. ... Read more »
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During two days I couldn’t escape from the thought that French philosopher Rene Descartes in his "The Principles of Philosophy” couldn’t keep control on assigned task of constructing philosophy system free from the elements of faith and based on the brain activity. "I think, therefore, I am” (Cogito, ergo sum) -this philosophical creed of scientist is brilliantly refuted today by hundreds of thousand people in the entire world. Including those who obligated to know the way of thinking "because of the position” – leaders of states. Since they ceased to think, but still continue to exist, and it seems like they exist quite well.

   ... Read more »
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One of the major challenges for the post-Soviet Russia is the terrorist activity of entrenched Muslim gangs, representing various organizations of international Islamic extremism. This problem is coming from dashing 90th of the last century; lots of efforts were spent to neutralize it. Nevertheless, hard do not notice that Islamic extremism and terrorism in Caucasus structures till some extent going underground, but continuing to live and grow. ... Read more »

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The fight for Shushi liberation started long ago, when in the middle of XVIII century the alien element Panah-Ali Javanshir located the Stone taking that as natural fortress. But the Stone which was able to provide security couldn’t become a Motherland of nomad element, even if that nomad was walking in the shadow of Iranian shah. Only Armenians could live in Shushi – the nation that cloud plough up the stone and grow bread there, to survive in rough mining storage of arable land. That’s why Shushi didn’t become a monastery of nomads, and step by step had been again settling in by native for him Armenians.

A lot of water had flowed from Kar-Kar Rive ... Read more »
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Since the end of April Nakhchivan’s issue doesn’t leave pages of Armenian, Turkish, and Azeri Mass Media. Politicians, political scientists and observers of three states in different ways and with varying degrees of optimism comment the statements of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmed Davutoglu on the "rights and obligations” of Turkey regarding to Nakhchivan. Meanwhile Davutoglu statements identify new Ankara’s military-political game in the region, able to explode situation not only in Caucasus for a long time. This statement should not add any optimism first and foremost, to Azerbaijan, and to the Turkey citizens too. Even the very attempt to implement Turkey plans announced by Davutoglu will become the war catalyst with many ... Read more »

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There are grieves that paralyze people. Cheekbones and nodules are jutting and coming out; splash of the wild and unbearable pain appears in dry and irritated eyes. Nails painfully dug in palms, all muscles ache, head clamped in a vise, blood flows through veins with clearly felt jerks. When, you, adult and strong man, turns in helpless baby. When, your hands that before could twist thick metal rod in a knot, now helplessly hang along the trunk.

I’ve experienced this terrible weakness, when from Agdam was released the Giatsint’s shell got in impromptu kindergarten for refugee children from Mardakert. I've rushed among the torn children's bo ... Read more »
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Year after the bloody drama in Azerbaijan’s State Oil Academy (ASOA) the criminal case went to the trail. Let’s recall, on April 30th, 2009 stranger went into the Education Building shooting all passersby people rising from first to the sixth floor. 15 minutes later in one of the empty audiences was found corpse of the alleged killer, later body was identified as a citizen of Georgia, Azeri by origin Farda Gadirov. Farther we’ll talk about the circumstances of murder and killer’s identification, now let’s turn to the courtroom and prosecutor’s charge.

Thus, in prosecutor’s indictment, after a lot of stories about the dedicated work on identifying offender’s acc ... Read more »
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For more than six decades, U.S. officials have regarded Turkey as an important, loyal U.S. ally. Throughout the Cold War, Washington viewed Turkey as NATO’s indispensable "southeast anchor.” When the Cold War ended, many members of the American foreign-policy community insisted that Turkey was an even more important U.S. security partner than before. Paul Wolfowitz, who would become deputy secretary of defense under President George W. Bush, was one of several prominent experts who argued that there were a handful of "keystone powers” in the international system, and that Turkey was high on that list. Pro-Turkish analysts argued that in a post-Cold War environment, Turkey not only remained NATO’s southeast anchor, it was also a crucial bridge between the Middle East and Europe and a valuable conduit for Western, secular influence in much of the Muslim world, especially the Central Asian republics that emerged from the wr ... Read more »
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