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There is an emotional shock among the reading public in Azerbaijan. They suddenly discovered that the population of "starving” Armenia feeds considerably better than people in "prosperous” Azerbaijan. Belarusian agency "Belta” known for its accuracy in researches on nutritional standards has published data, according to it the per-capita consumption of meat and meat products in Armenia in 2008 was 49 kg., and in Azerbaijan - in 2009 (!) was 31 kg. Note that in the famous book of German scientist M. Hamm "Healthy nutrition with meat and without it” indicated the position of both author and the German Society of Nutrition, where the reasonable (healthy) meat consumption ranges from 120 to 150 grams per day, i.e. from 44 to 55 kg. per year. 
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Turkish Ambassador to Austria Kadri Edzhvet Tezdzhan provoked a major scandal, which may result sharp deterioration in relations between Turkey and Austria. In an interview for the Austrian newspaper "Die Presse” Tezdzhan expressed a whole bunch of accusations against the Austrian government, including: discrimination toward foreigners, establishment of "Turkish ghettos”, erection of the artificial barriers to the integration of Turks into Austrian society. "You are always trying to drive Turks into a corner. Turks don’t need anything from you. They just want to be treated not as a pathogenic virus”, - said Ambassador of Turkey to journalists. Then, Tezdzhan "pleased” the newspaper and its readers by stating "if he would be Secretary General of the UN, OSCE or OPEC, he would ... Read more »
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February 3, 2008 in German city Ludwigshafen was a fire in the apartment building; nine people died, mostly Turkish migrants. Almost all Turkish media reported that fire was an attack of German neo-Nazis. Turkish government made the political show out of death. Dead bodies were brought to Turkey by a special flight of Turkish Air Forces; state honors have been provided to all dead. 
Meanwhile, fire in Ludwigshafen claimed the lives of Alevis, religious minority severely disparaged in Turkey. Alevis community in Germany sharply opposed Erdogan's efforts to turn their tragedy in political advertisement, reminding Erdogan on the tragedy in Turkish city Sivas. July 2, 1993 raging mob of Turks set the hotel afire where Alevis tried to escape. That day ... Read more »
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Tribal ties—race, ethnicity, and religion—are becoming more important than borders.

By Joel Kotkin, Newsweek

For centuries we have used maps to delineate borders that have been defined by politics. But it may be time to chuck many of our notions about how humanity organizes itself. Across the world a resurgence of tribal ties is creating more complex global alliances. Where once diplomacy defined borders, now history, race, ethnicity, religion, and culture are dividing humanity into dy ... Read more »
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Matthew Bryza’s candidacy on the post of USA Ambassador in Azerbaijan put forward by the President B. Obama, after many delays, on September 22 was put to a vote in the US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. The turnout of the 19 members of the Committee: 17 of them approved the candidacy of Bryza. Should be recalled that July 22 this year M. Bryza candidacy has already been considered by the Committee, the majority of it voted against his appointment to the same post. Moreover, afterwards, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid sent a letter to the U.S. State Department expressing the bewilderment about the proposal to appoint Bryza and thoroughly examine his candidacy. 

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The proclamation of Azerbaijan Republic took place in late May, 1918 in Tbilisi. Indeed, this phrase is conditional, since no one neither seen nor read declaration of Azerbaijan Republic Proclamation. By the way, this fact let to change the day of Azerbaijan proclamation from May 27 on May 28, 1918. Hard to say what caused this "rejuvenation” of Azerbaijan Republic: however, until recently, the official date of Azerbaijan Republic’s proclamation was considered May 27. Probably, it’s due to the concealment of the declaration, where the new-born republic was called the East-Caucasian Muslim Republic (VZMR) (according to other sources - Azerbaijan Muslim Republic). 
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Few days ago the editorial board of received a statement of "Peshmerge Brotherhood”, where in a rather rigid form was claim for to the Armenians: come to Western Armenia only as tourists, not as pilgrims to their own homeland. Although, statement is more about the "Turkish show” on September 19th, which named the liturgy; still the context leaves no doubts: in the opinion of certain peshmerge, Armenians are acceptable for them only as tourists. Without any nostalgic longings. 

Personally I am against any travels of the Armenians to captivated homeland ... Read more »
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In order to return to the New Middle East 

The last US combat brigade crossed the Iraqi border with Kuwait. More than 115,000 American soldiers left Iraq. Less than 50,000 troops of the renamed into "the brigade of aid and support” remained in the country. According to the withdrawal plan they will leave Iraq not later than the end of 2011. Military operation "Shock and Awe” begun 7 years that led to the death of about million of Iraqis and over 4,400 American soldiers comes to an end. War begins. 

There is no reason to remind that Iraq’s occupation by the American troops happened in spi ... Read more »
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One of the main components of negotiating process failures on regulating Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is mutual distrust between Armenian states and Azerbaijan. Here, it is worth to emphasize above-mentioned distrust often transforms into blatant hatred. These distrust and people’s hate become an insurmountable obstacle for the reasonable way out from the prevailed situation: leaders of all three states are deprived of the possibility to adopt a compromise solution without causing a mass protest with unpredictable, rather well predictable consequences. 

The ratio between these people towards each other could be described as the Armenian distrust to the Transcaucasian Turks and Turk’s hate toward Armenians. However, if Armenian distrust toward Azeris explained ... Read more »
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Negotiations on Nagorno-Karabakh problem come to a standstill. The lack of legal bases and insatiable desire to occupy Nagorno-Karabakh force Azerbaijan to work not in the direction of finding solution to the situation, but on the disruption of process. In a sense Azerbaijan could be understood: when there is no will or skills or arguments there is only last resort remains: to torpedo mediators’ efforts by declarative bellicose statements. 

Azerbaijani state agency "AzerTaj”, spread the information that President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during his session with government stated: "Armenia or notorious Nagorno-Karabakh separatists, or some third force can not unilaterally without participati ... Read more »
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