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Main » 2010 » August » 31 » The industry of hatred propaganda
The industry of hatred propaganda
One of the main components of negotiating process failures on regulating Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is mutual distrust between Armenian states and Azerbaijan. Here, it is worth to emphasize above-mentioned distrust often transforms into blatant hatred. These distrust and people’s hate become an insurmountable obstacle for the reasonable way out from the prevailed situation: leaders of all three states are deprived of the possibility to adopt a compromise solution without causing a mass protest with unpredictable, rather well predictable consequences. 

The ratio between these people towards each other could be described as the Armenian distrust to the Transcaucasian Turks and Turk’s hate toward Armenians. However, if Armenian distrust toward Azeris explained by the memory of recent war, and by the entire history of XXth century; the hate of Transcaucasian Turks toward Armenians inoculates artificially. It’s done as purposefully as deliberately. Without this rabid anti-Armenian and misanthropic propaganda in Azerbaijani society, today many, if not all problems between Armenian states and Azerbaijan would be solved. 

In XXth century between Armenians and Transcaucasian Turks took place, at least, three relatively large-scale wars. After the first two wars - 1904-1905 and 1918-1920 - relations between people settled down after a couple of years. Accented friendship promotion or the absence of the hatred propaganda possibilities facilitated; the territories of modern NKR, Armenia and Azerbaijan composed one single state, it deprived all of the potential propagandists of the possibility to publicly preach hatred. 
The third war - 1988-1994 – took place in conditions of sovereign states, and this circumstance "gave free rein” to the opponents of the establishing relations. Perhaps, first openly preaching hatred to the representatives of another nation became the book of Azeri historian Nasiman Yagublu "Khojaly Rout”. Symptomatically, that book was published in 1992, by the state publishing house "Azerneshr”, almost immediately after the USSR collapse. To say that this book breathes by the hatred to the Armenian people means to say nothing. The book refrain few dozen times repeats racist toward the Armenian people appeal to Muslims: "Armenian – a giaour. Armenian – a tyrant. Armenian drinks the human blood… Armenian – a dirty spot on the name of Almighty Allah, on entire bright mankind… Hey, the heirs of bright Magomed! Always beware Armenian Giaours. Armenian drinks the human blood”. 

In Azerbaijan before Yagublu there were the authors preaching hatred toward the Armenian people; most of them, however, according to the time dictate, clumsily covered the genocidal nature of their "works” by the various quotations of Communist ideology classics. N. Yagublu interrupted this "tradition” and openly expressed everything what other Azeri writers intended. Yagublu’s book publication signaled of permissiveness and many Azeri writers begun to make up for "lost”. We can say that a first sign of the independence of Azerbaijan Republic was open racist anti-Armenian theory. 

At that time was accepted Yagublu’s used meditative broadcasting method, when the author’s main "idea” methodically hammered in the heads of readers. The most famous among Azeri terry Armenophobs became now dead former director of the Human Rights Institute (NAN) of Azerbaijan Rovshan Mustafayev. Here are few quotes from his book "Crimes of Armenian terrorist and bandit formations against humanity (XIX-XXI centuries)” (Baku - Elm - 2002) "sbudellaring pregnant woman, HE kicks the human baby out by his boots. Then HE squeezes the cut off head of her husband in the stomach of this passed away woman. Sews up her belly”.

"By foot rolls up baby into the green banner, HE drenches him with kerosene. Burns”. 
"Lines up frightened teenagers, HE tries to behead all by one stroke. A cry of horror in the boys’ glassy eyes”. 

Easy to guess, HI – is an Armenian - first target of the hatred propaganda in Azerbaijan. The main reviewer of Mustafayev’s book is academician, a member of the presidium of ANAS of Azerbaijan Jalal Aliyev - the brother of Heydar Aliyev and the uncle of the current President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev. Senior Consultant - Namig Abbasov, the Chairman of the State Commission of Azerbaijan on POWs, hostages and missing people. Consultant - academician, a member of the State Commission of Azerbaijan on POWs, hostages and missing people. This book’s data is an eloquent evidence of the misanthropic state ideology of Azerbaijan.

R. Mustafayev - fruitful author. All of his "works” - "March of Death”, "Tango of death”, "Outlined paradise”, "Virtual Passions”, as well as numerous articles and interviews, exude  poisonous hatred against Armenians, they all overfilled with phrases as in examples above, they all are widely circulated on Azerbaijani, Russian, various European and on Hebrew languages. Now "family business”, built on hatred promotion against Armenians, continues his widow - Ayten Mustafayev, who became a director of Institute for Human Rights [NAN] of Azerbaijan Republic. 

Undoubtedly, the most ardent Armyanofob in Azerbaijan is the President of this state I. Aliyev. He assigns directions, he conducts hatred propaganda, attentively tracks all publications concerned both individual Armenians and the entire Armenian people. 

On April 8th, 2004 the President of Azerbaijan participated the meeting of editorial board of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia in Baku, where I. Aliyev subjected to severe criticism glossary prepares of the Encyclopedia. "… there are no names of the prominent scientists, statesmen in this glossary, who have been listed in "Azerbaijan Soviet Encyclopedia”. There are a lot of Armenian names of those who played no role in the history of Azerbaijan listed instead. If you’ll look through you’ll see that. I was surprised why it happens. Arutyunyan, Arutyunov, Gevorkyan, Yeremyan, Martiros Saryan, Sasunlu David (Sasuntsi David - hero of medieval Armenian epos). What does it mean?! What?! Is this a basis for our National Encyclopedia preparation?! I’ve been horrified”. The session ended by the expulsion of Ismail Veliyev the executive secretary of the Azerbaijan National Encyclopedia (meeting was transmitted live). Should we be surprised that all of the Armenian names were crossed out from the Encyclopedia after that, including prominent scientists, and statesmen. 
However, this session started not ignoring process of Armenian role in the Azerbaijan’s history, as one might think, but new, even more massive stage of Armenian people demonization. The writing fraternity understood what it requires to do. One after another were published "scientific” works where Armenian represented as "centuries-old executioner” of Transcaucasian Turks. Numbers of "Azeri Genocides” were invented; a lot of bone-chilling stories were written the couple of them are given in this article. Ideological clichés are compiled, where history and reality are turned upside down: Armenians – are strangers in the South Caucasus that appeared on the territory of Armenia and NKR in the first half of XIXth century; or, Armenians - nomad tribes. 

This entire Azerbaijan propaganda activity shows the interiority complex of nomadic tribes, and these "scientific searches” could be ignored, in case if they wont be introduced to the masses and if they won’t become the reason of a consuming hatred. Thus, in January 2008 Ilham Aliyev, being in Guzanly village and speaking in front of the forced migrants, stated: "In 1918 Yerevan was presented to Armenians. It was a big mistake. Iravan (Yerevan. - L.M.-Sh.) khanate was Azerbaijani land, Armenians were guests here”. 

Another signal was heard. Now in Azerbaijan published number of books describing the bitter life of the "deprived of their homeland” Azeris. Film making and publishing books colorfully depict sufferings of expelled from their homeland Azeris. The industry of hatred propaganda works tirelessly.  

Noteworthy Azerbaijani propaganda machine ignores, "doesn’t hear” the counter-rebuttal no matter where they come from. It continues to repeat the memorized cliché: "Iravan - Azerbaijani city, Armenians appeared in Transcaucasia in the XIXth century”. "Well, answers the opponent, then how would you explain the fact that around Yerevan, in the same Ararat valley, are located three former Armenian capitals, two of them were the centers of Armenian statehood even before the birth of Christ?” As the answer you could hear only well learned: "Iravan - Azerbaijani city…”. The conclusion that Azeri propaganda users could make is clear: Armenians stole the part of the homeland and cut out huge number of Azeris. 

Interesting fact Azerbaijan scientists extrapolate the genocide trick on other people, often very distant from the region. Same R. Mustafayev to his credit came up with this trick. According to his books, Armenians cut out Georgians and Turks, Russians and Jews… Armenians are in charge of Columbia’s drug cartels, Armenians organized the genocide of Hungarians… "HE killed and kills Turks under the banner of Russians, Azeris on behalf of communism and democracy, Jews on behalf of Muslims, the Muslims on behalf of Christians, Christians he frightens by Islamic fundamentalism…”. In a word, not a nation, but the universal ruthless and devouring monster. 

No wonder that any Transcaucasian Turk who ever killed any Armenian, whether sleeping or sick, aged or dopey baby received in Azerbaijan as national hero! Today restless children in Azerbaijan got frighten by the Armenian: Armenian will come and he will drink your blood, if you won’t obey. Amazing, even on weddings in Azerbaijan people sing songs on Armenian "atrocities”. 


Continuation follows 

Purpose – the demonization of the Armenian image 

In Azerbaijani industry of hatred propaganda toward Armenian people is an important tendency – creating the enemy image. This plan’s objectives are solving by the desire to demonize Armenian people - deprive him (for Azerbaijani propaganda users) of any signs of culture, human likeness. Demonization of Armenian people according to the authors of this plan designed to solve several problems; not least one is Turkish tribes’ identification as united national community. Demonic enemy image by the intention of Azerbaijani propaganda captains will contribute the acceleration Azerbaijani Turkish tribes’ unification. 
However, this purpose - is one of many and not the main one. Main objective in the tendency of Armenian image demonization is a myth creation of Armenian people that are killers and terrorists. It could be funny taking in account the ethnic mentality of "prosecutors” and "accusers”, who’d written in the history of Eastern and Southern Europe, Northern Africa and large parts of Asia as classical killers; however, the lies extent, as well as consistency and persistence, leave less reasons for the complacent indifference. Azerbaijan – openly, Turkey - more carefully spend huge amounts for publications (in various media throughout the world) of dirty insinuations about Armenian people in general, and Armenians in particular. Screen time and newspaper lines are paid, various kind of different fame degree "analysts” journalists are used, in short, all methods of black PR are used against everything Armenian. 

At least once, sum spent by Azerbaijan on the article publication in Russian-language American journal, became the property of community. September 17th, 2007 in the "Continent” journal was published article "The Great Traditions and Expectations of Azerbaijan” cost for the Republic budget 26 thousand dollars. Although this article pursued to whitewash the reign periods of Heydar and Ilham Aliyevs, and it didn’t have straight relation to the Armenians, it doesn’t change the essence: Baku spends huge amounts on the publication of needed articles. 

In this context dehumanization - is a tendency to present a group of people, nation or individual person deprived of its human qualities to the world. 

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US Azeri contributors to anti-Armenian propaganda: Tomris Azeri granddaughter of Naki Keykurun (Seykh Zamanli) who heads the Azerbaijan Society of America and selfpublished her grandfather's memoirs of being the first head of Azeri Security Service. He escaped to Turkey with retreating Turkish Army in 1920. Now she's into adoption sales of orphans from Azerbaijan. Here is the book about her bloody grandfather:

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