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Main » 2010 » June » 19 » Strategy Defense of Azerbaijan. Hide that corpse among the dead
Strategy Defense of Azerbaijan. Hide that corpse among the dead
Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia has spread information that is reported about the intrusion into the territory of Nagorno Karabakh sabotage and intelligence group of the armed forces of Azerbaijan. According to information received from the NKR Defense Army, "June 18 at 23.30 in the vicinity of the village Chily from Azerbaijan to the territory of Nagorno Karabakh infiltrated armed reconnaissance.” As a result of measures taken by the armed forces of the NKR Defense Army, the enemy advance was stopped. The enemy was removed, carried with them the dead and wounded, but leaving the territory controlled by Armenian soldiers destroyed one team member and ammunition. The Armenian side also has losses – four soldiers of Armenian lives covered up their homeland. Four of our men were wounded.

The information was immediately picked up by the Azerbaijani media. They tried to present it as a success of the Azerbaijani armed forces. In this case there is an interesting fact: the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan refuses to confirm the incident and could not comment on the Armenian side.

It might be expected that after the promulgation of the name of the Azerbaijani soldier, whose body remained on the Armenian side, Azerbaijan will comment this information. But normally talkative Head of Press Center of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan Eldar Sabiroglu this time was like if the water in the mouth scored. They kept silence even after they received the message: the name of dead Azerbaijani soldier, who was called up for compulsory military service from Bilasuvar region of Azerbaijan, was Mubariz Agakerim oglu Ibragimov.

Azerbaijani news agency APA took the functions of the press center of Azerbaijan Defense Ministry reporting that Ibragimov was killed "repelling the attack with the armed forces of Armenia in the direction of the village Borsunlu Terter. In this APA combined, at least two absurd things: the political and logical. However, if the political absurdity – in the Martakert region, as well as all other areas of the NKR Defense Army servicemen are NKR – is a consequence of the political order, then the logical absurdity is an indicator of the level of thinking members of this agency. In her short information APA is telling about the "attack” NKR Defense Army detachment, and reporting about dead Azerbaijanis, whose body "remains controlled by the Armenians of the line of contact”!?

But let’s leave the journalists and try to understand the causes and consequences of the incident.

June 18 Azerbaijani newspaper "Bizim Yol” ("Our Road”) informed about the incident between the armed forces of Azerbaijan, stationed on the border with Nagorno Karabakh. According to the publication, in one of the units of Azerbaijan between Azerbaijani soldiers "there was the massacre, which resulted in killing seven soldiers. Almost immediately after the publication the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan has filed a lawsuit against the newspaper, accusing her of defaming the armed forces of Azerbaijan.

Practice shows, however, that such information is not born from nothing, and usually, after a day or two there are reports about the death of Azerbaijani soldiers "in the shelling from the Armenian side.” Years of conflict with Azerbaijan, have provided plenty of opportunities to explore the habits of an enemy. But this time in Baku decided to try a more sophisticated plan: hide the bodies among the corpses. And an armed raid was made whose only purpose was to create a buzz about the next collision.

The purpose of this "operation” is clear: the leadership of Azerbaijan, which is already experiencing serious difficulties in the appeal to youth, tries to hide from the public place of the republic in the armed forces of the crime. And they provoked armed clashes, as a result of which Azerbaijan is failing; we need to do just that. That was in early March 2008, when in the same area Martakert Armenian Azeri soldiers killed 12 Askerov, attempted to have his defensive post NKR Defense Army, so it was on March 4 this year, when soldiers of the Armenian Army, killed a group of six Azerbaijani commandos in the area of the Armenian Koti village of Tavush marz. Thus, in all probability, will be more than once, because the number of murders and suicides in the armed forces of Azerbaijan is steadily growing. I am sure that after each such incident in the armed forces of Azerbaijan, the Armenian side should be brought into a heightened state of alert.

However, the last violent incident is one more component, does not take into account that simply can not. Less than a day before the incident in the northern capital of Russia met the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, which discussed the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. Aliyev, in view of recent developments in the Middle East place in this meeting special hopes, left St. Petersburg disappointed. Dmitry Medvedev is clearly not succumbed to blackmail and Azerbaijan confirmed the strong position of Russia, as an impartial mediator in the conflict. This fact is so "upset” Ilham Aliyev that he left Russia, did not participate in the Economic Forum, who were the official reason for his visit to Russia. And the current conflict logically be regarded as blackmail of Azerbaijan, aimed not only against Russia but against the other two co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group on Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

The latest incident in the Martakert region was marked by the way, another feature supporting version of blackmail: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan made his comments. An official spokesman Elkhan Polukhov said that the cause of the latest incident "lies in the continuing occupation of Azerbaijani lands.” Such an "explanation” of the administration of Azerbaijani soldiers to inevitable death could be attributed to the lack of intelligence and knowledge of geography at Polukhov, if not for his further comments. "This fact once again confirms that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is not frozen, as I would like to think the Armenian side,” said Polukhov clearly voicing instructions above.

What do think the Armenian side – not Polukhov a matter of mind. But that’s what they think, Baku visionaries Polukhov spoke quite frankly. And for this it is only to thank. Azerbaijan, at least in the near future, will not give up hope to occupy the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. And our government and military policy should be designed with this in mind.

However, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry statement in no small measure unleashes the Armenian soldiers. Henceforth, the NKR Defense Army soldiers are moral and, more importantly, the legal right to shoot anything that moves in the immediate vicinity of the border Nagorno Karabakh. From the field mice and foxes, to soldiers and commanders of the armed forces of Azerbaijan. And already the case Abiyev and Mammadyarov explain to their populations causes many deaths among the Azerbaijani military.


P.S. But what has become known about the reaction of the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan on the clashes in the Martakert region of Nagorno Karabakh. Repeating the stupidity of the APA – The firing lasted for a long time, and the Armenians, having suffered losses, and went back – E. Sabiroglu immediately refuted himself and repeated the ideas contained in the statement of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry: "If Armenia does not depart from the occupied territories, and if you go to these provocation, it can get even more telling blows. Hereditary nomad Sabiroglu, for all his life only once approached to 8 km. to the boundary of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, apparently believes that the attacking side takes the corpses as trophies. However, Sabiroglu indirectly admitted that the victims of Azerbaijanis in the latest incident, more than one M. Ibragimov. It is also an old "tradition” of the military Azerbaijan: it used to "count” the number of deaths of Armenians on the basis of its own losses. Sabiroglu phrase "Armenian side has reduced its losses” with absolute certainty indicates that perished from the Azerbaijani side is not less than five people, plus, the seven that were killed in the internal squabbles in the armed forces of Azerbaijan.
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