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Main » 2010 » February » 23 » Paean in Karvachar (Video)
Paean in Karvachar (Video)
Karvachar! Mountains and stones. Stones and mountains. This is the Armenian Country. It’s rocky and harsh, covered with two-meter snow layer, majestic and native to pain in the heart. These are our mountains, our stones. By centuries Armenian stonemasons cut stones here. It’s called Karvachar because they sold the stones to those who lived below. To those of compatriots, who selected for their residence place milder climate. Karvachar – an integral part of Artsakh. Here start all more or less important rivers of Artsakh and Utik: Tartar and Voskanapat, Khachen and Kurak, Kar-Kar and Ishhanget… Karvachar’s meltwaters are real boon for the entire east side of East Armenia. There is no coincidence that Dadivank one of the first Armenian Christian churches built in Karvachar. I won’t be surprised to find out that Dadivank was built on the foundation of Armenian pagan temple - since pagan Armenians had to construct their sanctuary here where the land allies with the sky.

During the Artsakh war this part of the Armenian Country was occupied with enemy. Six-thousand Azeri expeditionary corps with N. Sadykhov as a commander located in the Armenian mountains of Karvachar, this deadly flow threatened to break way to Berdzor, and then to Araks, by cutting Artsakh from the rest of Armenia. Artsakh could be saved only by destroying the invading to Karvachar enemy regiments.

It was an incredibly difficult task. The terrain didn’t allow large units, to conduct maneuvers. Enemy drove by the highway Gandzak - Karvachar tanks and armored vehicles, volley-fire rocket launcher systems BM-21 "Grad”, enemy snapped at any movement of our troops by the heavy fire. We had to find an extraordinary solution.

Action plan was adopted, according to which the small teams of Armenian volunteers, constantly attacking the enemy’s superior forces and lead them to the gorge, had to ensure their effective destruction with the aid of powerful artillery fist. This plan was implemented.

February 18th, 1994 the northern part of Karvachar region, including the Omar pass connecting region with Gandzak city, was completely under the control of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army. The Azerbaijan military suffered huge losses; more than five thousand people were killed. Armenian mobile squads were reaching separate groups of temporarily rescued and in panic searching for refuge Azeri askers.

Here, you see one of the battle episodes, when the small force of Armenian volunteers ready to destroy an enemy division, into which includes at least two tanks and large number of infantry. Calm confidence of the Armenian solders cannot but admire. At night – they will have a battle they have only small arms, still they laugh and with the smile on their faces count enemy’s military equipment. Pay attention to their courageous faces and calm, and full of determination eyes. These guys know, against whom and for what they fight. But they also know: no power can defeat people, who took weapon to protect their Motherland. You can’t even doubt about the outcome of the night battle just by looking at them.

There is no dilemma: win or die. There is a clear task: to destroy hated enemy and to remain alive. To destroy since enemy’s boot doesn’t have right to trample the breast of the sacred land. To remain alive, since proud Armenian land miss the Armenian paean. We don’t doubt: there will be victory, there will be bodies of fallen enemies, and there will be song.

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