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Autonomous concentration camp
Starting from December 27 in Bananyar village (Dzuga region) of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic took place incidents that would be assessed in legal and moral evaluation only in a while. On that day, Shia Muslims of the entire world have ceremonies on the memory of martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions-martyrs of Karbala, Azerbaijani police raided Bananyar. Judging by the scant information, leaking from Bananyar, there are still some brutal actions against Shias. Police produces mass arrests and beatings against all including women; police officers tie old men to trees and pour water on them; dozen villagers placed in psychiatric hospital. One of the villagers Yunus Aliyev, whose father was brutally beaten and tied to the tree, in protest against police abuse and violence doused himself by gasoline and set up fire on the village square.

During first few days after beginning of the event Azerbaijani authorities denied the existence of any conflict on the territory of autonomy; however later they had to admit "the protests of two or three people”, at once was called the "instigator” of conflict - Rza Nurevev - also was declared that almost everyone in the his clan suffers mental illnesses. Although Nureyev family stated that no one in their family ever suffered any mental disorders including "instigator” he, of cause, also was placed in "the loony bin”.

January 13 village was visited by US Norwegian embassies in Azerbaijan. Hard to call it visit. At the entrance of the village diplomats were insulted and attacked by the group of people and after that they were forced to return back. It is interesting that before the arrival of embassy people to Bananyar the head of Minister of the Interior of Nakhchivan Ahmet Akhmedov came and threatened people with the further arrests, if inhabitants would complain. On the same day, January 13, by the President's Decree the head of Nakhchivan autonomy Vasif Talybov was… rewarded with "Shokhrat” ("Glory”) Order. As noted in the Decree "for achievements in improving legislation and ensuring socio-economic development in Azerbaijan Republic”. US and Norway embassies representatives came forward with tough statement concerning events in Bananyar, were summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and were chidden for "the interference in internal affairs of Azerbaijan Republic”.

One more fact, law enforcement agencies refused on the request of Azerbaijani Human Rights activists from Baku to security guarantees for visit Bananyar, making impossible their meet with villagers.

This information, perhaps, is the most interesting. In fact, the movement on the territory of Azerbaijan Republic is not safe for the citizens of this state. Otherwise, what would make well-known people ask about security guarantees to travel from one part of Azerbaijan to the other? In order to understand it, it’s necessary to get what Nakhchivan autonomy is?

Nakhchivan autonomy and Azerbaijan Republic

Nakhchivan an ancient Armenian province -was passed under the protectorate (not as a part - L.M.- Sh.) of Soviet Azerbaijan. This crime became possible as a result of agreement between Kemalist Turkey and Bolshevik Russia, the agreement was secured in Moscow Peace Treaty on March 16, 1921. After few years Turkey and Iran have made territorial exchange, as a result Turkey acquired border with Nakhchivan with extent in 11 km. This fact is very important since Turkey doesn’t have other border with Azerbaijan.

Within a few decades practically all Armenian population was forced out from Nakhchivan. Thus, at the beginning of Karabakh war in Nakhchivan remained not more than three thousand of Armenians they were deported from there at the end of 1988. Subsequently, Azerbaijan began methodical barbarous destruction of autochthonic Armenian population traces in Nakhchivan: were destroyed temples, exploded churches, bored cemeteries. Huge resonance in Armenia, unfortunately, didn’t find adequate perception in world, it caused the destruction of unique medieval Armenian cemetery there were more than three thousand Armenian tombstones - khachkars (cross-stones). It is necessary to say that in 2003 the PACE committee on the Protection of Cultural and Historical Heritage created special subcommittee to study the problem of the destruction of Armenian historical complex "Nor-Jough”. Subcommittee planned to arrive in Azerbaijan and to check accuracy of information about the destruction of cemetery (process of cemetery distraction was shot on video from the territory of neighboring Iran); however the subcommittee was not allowed to Nakhchivan. 

Generally, in the modern history of Azerbaijan Nakhchivan performs a unique role. Not only Nakhchivan, but also the people of Nakhchivan. It is believed that the privileged position of immigrants from this region started at the beginning of the seventieth, when H. Aliyev headed the Communist Party of Azerbaijan SSR. However, this not the way it is. Suffice to recall that young Heydar was patronized by his uncle, who worked as a Secretary of Central Committee, abbreviated in Russian as ЦК, "Tse-ka", of the Communist Party of Azerbaijan. But it is also true that with H. Aliyev's arrival to the power, in Azerbaijan began "the Golden Age” of Nakhchivan people. Ilham Aliyev the legal son and illegal successor of Heydar even more strengthened the positions of immigrants from Nakhchivan.

But the fact remains: with the advent of Aliyev clan, Nakhchivan people became the driving political force in Azerbaijan. Partially forgotten, unprecedented for the Soviet Union event that took place at December 1990 in Nakhchivan when crowd rushed to destroy USSR state border, H. Aliyev not randomly planned and realized it here. It is interesting that this exact day December 31, Ilham Aliyev the son of Heydar proclaimed the "Unity Day of World Azerbaijanis”.

In modern Azerbaijan the word "Nakhchivani” (the one from Nakhchivan) sounds like the password: he won’t be touched by Traffic Police, he has privileged conditions for having Higher Education, and the career. Thus people from Nakhchivan are, beside the President of Azerbaijan, half of the ministers of this Republic, Mayor of Baku who called the Ordubad’s mouflon, more than half of the district leaders and almost three quarters of the police officers. There are not a lot of Nakhchivan’s people in the Azerbaijan armed forces, it is perceived by the population of the Republic. Not master’s work: to fight and die. There are a lot of "national minorities” - the indigenous people of Azerbaijan Republic for this. At the same time, Azerbaijan generals are constantly supplemented by people from Nakhchivan, or by people who were checked on being allegiant for the President in Nakhchivan. During last 3 month 2 key positions in the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan were taken by Nakhchivanis: Army Commander of Azerbaijan and Air Defense Commander an Air Forces Commander of Azerbaijan.

This is an attitude toward Nakhchivani in the Azerbaijan Republic. Life in Nakhchivan could be compared with concentration camp for inhabitants. Unemployment and poverty, powerlessness and hopelessness are just few words to describe the life of Nakhchivan. At first glance this situation appears to be paradoxical however; in reality it is not surprising: in the caste representative despotism everything is possible. Nakhchivani and Kurds are considered as the social base of power, but they must be deprived to think independently. Slaves are silent!

Nakhchivan and the terrorism

Closed zone. Facilities of insatiable Vaska. Test facility for survival. That is the way how people who left Nakhchivan call this place. The population of Nakhchivan oppressed and intimidated, and they prefers to immigrate to express their protest against the brutal power. Nakhchivanis immigration besides Azerbaijan cities such as: Baku, Sumgayit has been spilled outside the Republic. Thus, Beshler qurter in Istanbul is 50% populated by refugees from Nakhchivan.

One way to intimidate Nakhchivani is… utilities fees. Mired in poverty people unable to pay for the electric power and gas; gas enters to less than a third of settlements. If fees are not paid heads of families should be tied to the trees, to warn others. Azeri journalist Malakhat Nasibova wrote about these crimes. She was attempted to kill, and only the interference of the Norwegian fund "Rafto” prevented that imminent murder (who knows for how long?).

"In order to save power” in Nakhchivan prohibited the sale of electrical appliances, and existing ones removed from houses and apartments. Beggar life is, compounded by the winter cold and inability to have everyday conveniences.

However, super-rich Nakhchivanis live not only in Baku, but also in Nakhchivan itself. How do you think it’s possible to get rich in the province where practically didn’t remain any industrial enterprises, trade stuck at the level of war years? Few Nakhchivani nouveaux riches are from the clan of insatiable Vaska who appeared to be the Aliyev’s relative, and the main source of their truly enormous wealth is drug traffic.

Azerbaijan well-known as one of the key points on the drug traffic from central Asia to Russia and Europe, and it was officially reported by the competent authorities of the USA, Russia and Europe. However, when American and allied troops destructed processed drug-labs in Afghanistan, construction of the same labs right on the drug traffic became exceptionally profitable business. Especially on the territory of countries that are considered to be US friends. In Azerbaijan new realities were recognized fast, so in Nakhchivan and Shaki province of the Republic were built mini-fabrics for processing raw material and production cleanest narcotics: opium and heroin.

Another major income "article” in Nakhchivan is preparatory camps for the terrorist organizations. This "service” is very generously paid from different funds, established by different radical Islamic terrorist structures. Note, in the due time, the presence of the terrorist organizations in Azerbaijan was confirmed by Yossef Bodansky Director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare of the US House of Representatives.

Generally, "the friendship” of Azerbaijan with the terrorist organizations has a fairly long history. We are not talking about the assistance provided to the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) both by the state and by the businessmen (these concepts are identical in Azerbaijan). Taking into the account the ethnicity of Azerbaijan main political elite, it could be explained if not understood. In any case, PKK is a regional organization pursuing national objectives and it could be easily placed under the national-liberation movement category. We talk about larger-scale participation of Azerbaijan in the world terrorist organizations "activity”.

Almost no one remembers today the fact that on September 10, 2001 (the day before the tragic events in New York and Washington - L.M.-Sh), US Congressional Research Service has published documents confirming activity of Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden in Azerbaijan. It was indicated that, since 1993, Heydar Aliyev approached the active involvement of the Afghan Mujahedeen in the war against Nagorno- Karabakh Republic. In May 2001 the American newspaper "Washington Post” published the article, which reported that the bombing of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were coordinated by the Azerbaijani branch of terrorist organization "Islamic Jihad”, which later merged with Al-Qaeda. Immediately before these terrible attacks the FBI recorded more than 60 calls, made from satellite phones of Osama bin Laden to Baku.

Recall also that FBI arrested Ahmed al Fadl member of Al-Qaeda for the participation in the bombing of US embassies who said that his group started its activity in Azerbaijan. Soon in Europe was arrested Ibrahim Eydarus, the head of Al-Qaeda’s Azerbaijani branch who took direct part in bombing of US embassies.

By supporting international terrorism the government of Azerbaijan has both ideological and mercantile basis. Thus, the involvement of more than three thousand Afghan Mujahedeen to the war against NKR (most of them, incidentally, were destroyed by the NKR Defense Army) was not paid from the state budget and of cause not from Aliyev', but by the assistance in transfer of Afghan drugs to Russia and Europe. Furthermore, H. Aliyev agreed to establish the preparatory terrorists’ bases in Azerbaijan. As we see, "traditions” of H. Aliyev are successfully developed by I. Aliyev.


P.S. Recently Azerbaijan media outlets reported about the birth of the nine-millionth citizen. Without being distracted to the statistics (it says that there are from five and half to six million people in Azerbaijan) let’s report that the child, of cause, named Ilham, was born in Nakhchivan. Well, child’s father works in Baku as the captain of the police (what else could Nakhchivani be?!) mother is student in same Baku’s institute, but it doesn’t matter. The President of Azerbaijan presented new apartment to the happy parents also in Baku. Social base should be strengthened, shouldn’t be?
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