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Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's trip to Russia to pursue gas deals will boost the EU candidate's quest to become a key transit hub for Europe, but highlights a difficult east-west balancing game for Ankara.

Once Cold War foes, NATO member Turkey and Russia have in recent years deepened their ties by signing a raft of agreements from gas and oil pipelines to nuclear power plants, and have sought closer security cooperation in the Caucasus region.

Erdogan starts a two-day visit to Moscow on Tuesday where he is expected to meet ... Read more »
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Absentee conversations of Armenian and Azerbaijan participants in different Internet forums: journalists, political scientists or politicians are characterized by one special feature: Azeri side threatens by the second liberation war in Artsakh, Armenian attempts to intelligently dissuade them from it. At the same time explaining, that the war inevitably will result death and destruction, humanitarian catastrophe and hundreds of thousands of new refugees. Azeris, in turn, juggle by millions of barrels of oil and by billions of cubic meters of gas as indicator of the military power of their state. Such conversations have lasted already for more than fifteen years, and the more intelligent and gently writes and speaks out the representatives (often self-styled) the more "pushes” the other side. Both in direct and figurative sense.
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No matter how the Turkish population of Azerbaijan Republic treat Armenians, they should recognize that the Armenians were the unwitting catalyst of the unification process of Turkish tribes into the united national community. However, "the push”, obtained as a result of the opposition of the Turks of Azerbaijan with the Armenians, does not completely mean that the process will be completed and new nation will appear. History has seen a considerable number of examples of decay or death of the nation in its formative stages. It occurs not only on the background of the lack or absence of the "stimulus”, let say common enemy, but also in the relatively calm period.

Karabakh ... Read more »
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