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In the year since the Georgian attack on South Ossetia and the Russian peacekeeping battalion stationed there, the facts of what transpired have been largely established beyond a reasonable doubt. Yet the myths of the conflict persist in the media and, more dangerously, among American policy makers. ... Read more »
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Recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Akhmet Davutoglu, coming out in front of his Justice and Development Party allies ruling in the state, reported that the government of Ankara approached the realization of the neoosmanizm policy. As reports newspaper "Takvim”, Davutoglu said: "We are - neoosmans. We are forced to be engaged in neighboring countries. And we go even to the Africa”. ... Read more »

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The past week had been marked in Azerbaijan by two public appearances of Ilham Aliyev, in which the President of this republic recorded very unequivocal bellicose statements. In this case the second appearance of Aliev, that occurred during the opening of settlement for the refugees in the Geranboyskiy region had been designed almost in the form of promise to begin the new aggression against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in the case of the futility of the Sargsyan – Aliev meeting on November 22 in Munich.

If during the first appearance Aliev limited his speech to the dosed threat: "Our army is becoming stronger. We are negotiating now, but at the same time, at any time we must be read ... Read more »
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Significant event took a place in Baku: a new nine-floor house had been put into the use for those who fled the combat zone from Nagorno Karabakh Republic. This is not an ordinary event, Azerbaijan with all of its oil is not often generous enough for refugees housing, in contrast to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.The President of Azerbaijan Republic, I. Aliev had a speech in front of the happy settlers, by reason of such an outstanding event. To read the speech of Ilham Aliyev – is a special pleasure, because of the inexhaustible imagination of this man, he likes to hit the audience, like Hugo Chavez, who chewed coca leaves in front of the UN General Assembly. However, Aliyev during his performances doesn’t eat that him, who feeds the listeners by tales. That's why I ask readers: do not judge us too severely for the numerous quotations. Believe me, it's ... Read more »
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When you look at the fighting in Gaza, or any of the other small, chronic wars we get these days, you notice that traditional war buffs, the ones who like to talk about WW II, don’t have much to say. If they say anything at all, it’s usually, "They should just wipe’em out!” Like, "Israel should just wipe the Pals out!” Or "America should just wipe Iraq off the map!”

And on paper, they’re right. Israel could kill every single man, woman and child in Gaza if it wanted to. And Hell, it probably does want to. So why doesn’t it? America could wipe the Sunni Triangle off the map easily, nuke the whole place or use neutron bombs—Hell, nerve gas, even—if we were worried about limiting damage.

But nobody does this stuff. Why not? That’s the big question. That’s what drives the fru ... Read more »
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Common scene for Azerbaijan cities: the dirty – faced boy comes to the "nonlocal” and begins to insult him. As soon as "nonlocal” tries to call this impudent person to the order, even if  it is only by using words, from the gateway depart appears the band of dregs armed by sticks and chains, and they howling "why do you offend the child ?!” begin to beat up the "stranger”.   ... Read more »
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Soldier and the doctor

Medical officer. Perhaps, it is one of the most precious professions in the world. It is also one of the most necessary professions for the Armenian people. Military physician! Serviceman protects the country from the enemy, with the weapon in the hands. Doctor, daily, protects the health of motherland’s defenders without tiredness.  

During centuries the profession of military doctor was one of the most respected for the Armenian people. Today it remains the same. Armenian upland loc ... Read more »
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The representative of Azerbaijani Milli Meclis Ganira Pashaeva who’s noted for extravagant behavior and her incurable armenophobia, is desperate. Coming out at the Ankara University’s XXI century meeting, dedicated to Azerbaijan- Turkey relations, she stated that "the signing of Turkish- Armenian protocols makes it possible for Yerevan to take the hard line toward Azerbaijan”. G. Pashaeva complained before the Turkish audience, that Ankara took away Baku’s "trump card” with regards to Armenia. "Unfortunately, at present "trump card” in the hands of Armenia is much stronger, and this "trump” consists of the fact that the territories of Azerbaijan are occupied. The "trump” in the hands of Azerbaijan was the fact that, until now, the Turkish- Armenian boundary was closed; therefore the economy of Armenia was weak”, Ganira told to the assembly.  < ... Read more »
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Russia cannot afford cutting gas to Ukraine for a second year in a row as it would have too much to lose, including Europe's support for its key gas projects at a time when its European gas market share is shrinking.

But, despite a virtual consensus among analysts that a cut in supplies to Ukraine and the subsequent stoppage of flows to Europe would equal political and economic suicide for Moscow, sceptics say Kremlin policies could be still driven by apparently irrational decision making.

Following are some scenarios of how Russia-U ... Read more »
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The Armenian-populated region of Samtskhe-Javakhk-Tsalka is burdened with a number of unresolved problems which feed lasting tensions in relations between Armenia and Georgia.  Although the local Armenian population mainly raises the issue of the status of their mother tongue, or the persecution of the Armenian Church and activists, there are many other problems in Samtskhe-Javakhk-Tsalka, such as in the fields of education, public health care and employment.  Combined, they have all lead to a situation where the Armenians of Samtskhe-Javakhk-Tsalka are obliged to make their living elsewhere, thus contributing to the process of de-Armenization of their homeland.  Those who manage to overcome the daily hardships spare no efforts to change the state of affairs and live a dignified life. ... Read more »
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