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Main » 2009 » November » 23 » "Zangezur region” and Azeri’s Shah
"Zangezur region” and Azeri’s Shah
Significant event took a place in Baku: a new nine-floor house had been put into the use for those who fled the combat zone from Nagorno Karabakh Republic. This is not an ordinary event, Azerbaijan with all of its oil is not often generous enough for refugees housing, in contrast to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.The President of Azerbaijan Republic, I. Aliev had a speech in front of the happy settlers, by reason of such an outstanding event. To read the speech of Ilham Aliyev – is a special pleasure, because of the inexhaustible imagination of this man, he likes to hit the audience, like Hugo Chavez, who chewed coca leaves in front of the UN General Assembly. However, Aliyev during his performances doesn’t eat that him, who feeds the listeners by tales. That's why I ask readers: do not judge us too severely for the numerous quotations. Believe me, it's worth it.  

Initially Aliyev shocked newcomers, telling them that the new house is only a temporary shelter for them. Then, after waiting a spectacular pause, he added: "After the liberation of Azerbaijani lands from the occupiers, we will build beautiful buildings on your native lands”. All new settlers relieved: they will live in Baku until the end of the time. But Aliyev didn’t want to stop on it. Demonstrating concern for the state of the refugees, he said that according to the information provided to him "to improve the living conditions of internally displaced people Azerbaijan state has spent $ 2 billion”. Impressiveness of the number and menacing look on the face of President’s guards forced refugees to vigorously applaud. And no one actually thought of the number. Azerbaijan for 15 years after the war spent on the needs of refugees as much as it spends every year on the military budget. Consider that this is an official data (and it needs to be corrected ), there are 10 times more of refugees in Azerbaijan than the servicemen in the army.  

Aliyev spoke also about the army: "Our army is becoming stronger. We are negotiating now, but at the same time, at any time we must be ready to liberate our land from the invaders in a military way. " And further: "We aim to resolve the issue peacefully, because we don’t want war. However, peaceful way fails”. That is all. Peaceful way "fails", and there is the military way well, Aliev already has promised to evict the refugees from their new apartments. But ... " again we have chosen the path of negotiations", - said Aliyev. Then the president of Azerbaijan began an explanation of its "peaceful" policy. It turns out that "the subject of negotiations already provides the withdrawal of Armenian forces from all of the lands, from all seven districts." In addition, according to Aliyev, in Armenia "there are live 1 million 700 thousand people", while in Azerbaijan more than nine million. In short, citizens of Azerbaijan, be patient, in the new house, soon the last Armenian will bring keys to Karabakh on a silver platter right to Baku.  

Reading the Aliyev’s statement, can not help recalling the Russian proverb "tongue without bones it says whatever it wants". If it wants, it will talk about "seven regions" that appeared to be so far away from Baku, and then if it wants it will say something like: "today’s Armenia established on the ancestral lands of Azerbaijan. Erivan khanate, Zangezur region - these are our lands." By the way, a particular fondness of I. Aliyev to Syunik (as interpreted by the President of Azerbaijan - Zangezur) could be understood: his father - Heydar Aliyev - was born in a filthy tent, in a dense environment of sheep and camels, while the seasonal nomadic of Kurdish Kabila (tribe) Jalal tribe (Confederation of tribes) Shikaki from Syunik to Nakhijevan. Ilham’s Aliev mother - Zarifa Aliyev - was born in a much more comfortable conditions: Yerevan’s maternity hospital number 2, with the help of skilled Armenian attendants. So let’s do not judge a special "love" of Azerbaijan’ Shah (owner of the state) Ilham Aliyev to Armenia. It is easy to explain.  

Addressing to the refugees, Ilham Aliev reiterate the lie: "If, at a time when the war began, the leader of Azerbaijan would be a great  Heydar Aliyev, the Azerbaijani lands would have never been under the occupation." Some time ago, in the article "Public lies of Ilham Aliyev» ( was an analysis of this lie. So it doesn’t make sense to stop on it. Suffice it to say that the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic Defense Army liberated the historic Armenian regions of Karabakh - Agdam, Fizuli, Jabrail, Kubatly and Zangelan - after the time when Heydar Aliyev seized power in Azerbaijan through armed revolution and by paying the price of it by many victims. Perhaps the latent desire of Azerbaijani Shah to justify his dad drove him to another lie. "Our lands have been occupied by foreign support."  

Amazing how tenacious the lie in the mouths of Azerbaijani politicians at all levels. Until recently they did not hesitate, to call that "foreign country" - Russia. Today, due to the cooling of relations between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Aliyev is wary to call Russia, at the same time, however, he still shamelessly exploit the name of this state. Meanwhile, occasional local successes of Azerbaijan - the destruction of Getashen subdistrict, the occupation of Shahumyan region and large parts of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s Martakert region became possible only thanks to the efforts of two divisions of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). After all Russia has left huge quantities of arms and ammunition to Azerbaijan, and the skillful use of them could cost a big price for the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.  

However, in the Karabakh war, foreign aid has actually occurred. At the state level in the aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh Republic not only Russia has helped to Azerbaijan, but also Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Only from Afghanistan in an orderly return to the "Marshal" Heydar Aliyev came about five thousand "Mujahedeen” fighters. Tens and even hundreds of adventurers came from Arab and Central Asian states, Ukraine, Chechnya, Georgia. Many of them subsequently became known as notorious terrorists and murderers of defenseless civilian population. Shamil Basayev, Khattab, Ruslan Gelayev – terrorist’s "brotherhood" of these villains had been formed in Azerbaijan and it happened during the ruling of "national leader" leader of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev.  

Today, Ilham Aliyev has criticized the international community: "15 years of a ceasefire. 15 years ago, or rather earlier, in 1992, had been created the Minsk Group. The Minsk Group operates. However, are there any results of it’s activity? No. This is reality”. The reality is that the the illegitimate state under artificial name of Azerbaijan with its very birth was a source of political and military instability in the region and the international community is well aware of it. And today, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when the region gained it’s importance for energy in Europe, no one needs the resumption of military actions on the South Caucasus. And if the Azeri Shah wants the "Zangezur region" so badly, despising the sad experience of his father, and someone will really try to stick its nose in the direction of the Armenian states, then Azerbaijan will have to build new settlements for the new, one million refugees.  

"We pass to the next generation all skills and knowledges, that we have been acquired during the military actions and during the follow 15 years. I am sure that they will be more educated and capable than we were, "- said the other day RA Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian who had the glorious path of winning  battles. Ilham Aliyev had have to post those words in his office. Perhaps, in this case he will suspend himself. Otherwise, who knows, he might loose even his kingdom, power over which he got through the ordinary fraud.     

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