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Main » 2009 » November » 18 » What did Ganira Pashaeva say in Ankara and what did she think about?
What did Ganira Pashaeva say in Ankara and what did she think about?
The representative of Azerbaijani Milli Meclis Ganira Pashaeva who’s noted for extravagant behavior and her incurable armenophobia, is desperate. Coming out at the Ankara University’s XXI century meeting, dedicated to Azerbaijan- Turkey relations, she stated that "the signing of Turkish- Armenian protocols makes it possible for Yerevan to take the hard line toward Azerbaijan”. G. Pashaeva complained before the Turkish audience, that Ankara took away Baku’s "trump card” with regards to Armenia. "Unfortunately, at present "trump card” in the hands of Armenia is much stronger, and this "trump” consists of the fact that the territories of Azerbaijan are occupied. The "trump” in the hands of Azerbaijan was the fact that, until now, the Turkish- Armenian boundary was closed; therefore the economy of Armenia was weak”, Ganira told to the assembly.  

The Prime Minister of Turkey described Azerbaijani Milli Miclis women as "Dyed ladies”, one of them Ganira Pashaeva reported to Turks that Azerbaijan is located on the cross-roads. "There two ways in front of Azerbaijan: the military way and the way of diplomatic pressure. The probability of war now is not so great. Concerning diplomatic pressure it is even more complex to make it now after the signing of protocols Ankara- Yerevan”, she said.  

Let’s decipher the aforesaid. Ganira Pashaeva, who is in close related connections with the first lady of Azerbaijan Mekhriban Pashaeva-Alieva, and being an especially close person, is sufficiently informed about the position of the armed forces of Azerbaijan and about the mental and intellectual abilities of Azerbaijani generals. She surely has been told that the entire martial rhetoric of I. Aliev and his yes-men is nothing, but the hot air and is directed toward the achievement of political goals. It had been explained to Ganira that in the case of the repeated aggression of Azerbaijan against the Mountainous - Karabakh Republic, there will remain only the recollections of Azerbaijan. Therefore according to Ganira, at the present moment the probability of the renewal of war "is not so great”.  

Tanks and other armaments in Azerbaijan are sufficient, combat aircraft - surplus, Republic is provide ford over all limitations, prescribed by Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) by any sorts of guns and other artillery pieces. In addition to this, in Baku they attempt to produce something by themselves. Could there be any problems with servicemen? And furthermore, paupers and the indigent in this republic are approximately six million. Take away from them their children and send them as cannon fodder into the Artsakh mountains. Furthermore, Ilham Aliev bred an excessive number of multistar generals. The conversation about the generals is special. If you were to spit on every person in, every third one you would hit would be a general. Or, at the worst, on a national hero. Someone had also whispered to Ganira’s ear: that generals in Azerbaijan, as a rule, artificial and have never seen the action, the majority of the army heroes who suffered are morally and physically wanting. That is why it is necessary to invent fairy tales about "occupied” territories and "good will” of Azerbaijan.  

One additional Ganira’s misfortune is also – pan Azerbaijani’s - it confuses state economic development with the diplomatic possibilities. In this case completely examining either the first or the second. "Turkish- Armenian boundary was closed; therefore the economy of Armenia was weak” and "concerning diplomatic pressure, to make it after the signing of protocols Ankara- Yerevan is even more complex””. 

We still remember how certain Azerbaijan "polit dummy”, who attentively watched Armenia - Turkey football match in Yerevan, and didn’t see the smoke from the kebab above the stadium, came to the conclusion that… people in Armenia starve. They do not champ kebab on the stadium as in Baku, they don’t absorb their dim teeth into the back of the fried hen. Then they starve, it means. Probably the hunger, in the capital of Armenia is very cruel: there people on the streets do not spit even husk from the seeds on a passer-by, and the streets of Yerevan, in contrast to Baku, are clean from the everyday food garbage.  

That the level Ganira Pashaeva thinks on, who dreams that all borders of Armenia would be closed. Then in Armenia there will be the weak economy, and it will be possible to exert diplomatic pressure. But Pashaeva no longer believes in Turkey, lascivious mother of the Azerbaijan bastard. She complains, that "after the signing of protocols Ankara- Yerevan Turkish side, although tells for the damping of Azerbaijan about the return of the earth, any fact or document to the confirmation of these words was not represented”.  

In fact, Turkey never made possible for it to speak on behalf of Mountainous - Karabakh Republic, and then, Ganira is completely right, it was her own improvisation. To us it is completely uninteresting, for which and with what purpose Turkish semiofficial publication hangs noodles to the Azerbaijan ears. Let them investigate it by themselves. One nation, after all, although it lives in two states. There are no "facts and documents” with which Pashaeva so passionately desires to become acquainted, and they could not even possibly exist. Mountainous - Karabakh Republic was created in deprivations and fight and it repelled the aggression of Azerbaijan not to entrust its fate to Anatolian Turks or Transcaucasian Turks. Therefore, Ganira and all other dyed ladies of Azerbaijan’s parliament; however, as for entire population of Azerbaijan Republic, it is necessary to be subdued to the partial restoration of validity on the age-old Armenian earth of Artsakh and to cease to dream about the unrealizable. 


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