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Main » 2009 » November » 27 » Turkish neoosmanizm. Is it a revival of bloody traditions?
Turkish neoosmanizm. Is it a revival of bloody traditions?

Recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Akhmet Davutoglu, coming out in front of his Justice and Development Party allies ruling in the state, reported that the government of Ankara approached the realization of the neoosmanizm policy. As reports newspaper "Takvim”, Davutoglu said: "We are - neoosmans. We are forced to be engaged in neighboring countries. And we go even to the Africa”.

Statement of Davutoglu particularly interesting in the light of the planned adjusting of Armyanian-Turkish relations, and it illustrates the assertions of Turks about the friendship. The concealed intentions of Turks demonstrate their attempt to master the prevailing positions in the entire region of Near East, Southwest Asia and "even Africa”. Evidently, hi considered that his appearance in the habitat of his party-fellows will not become the property of the general public, the head of the Department of Foreign Policy of Turkey opened up more than usual: "There is a heritage, left to us by Osman Empire. They call us neoosmans. Yes, we are the new osmans. We are forced to be engaged in neighboring countries. We go even to the Africa”.

The political osmanizm doctrine of (ottomanizm) had been advanced by the Young Turks at the end of XIXth century. However, the supporters of osmanizm were combined in the notorious by their bloody actions party called "The Committee of Union and Progress”. Initially osmanizm proclaimed the equality of all subjects of Osmans empire, however, after it became clear that osmans by "equality” understand "the right” to be named by Osmans, for this all of the infidels had to replace their faith and become Muslim-Sunni. After the arrival of Young Turks to the power in 1908, osmanizm became the instrument of their fight against the national demands of the not-turkish people of empire and also it became the ideological "substantiation” of the need to turkify them for the purpose of creation "united osman nation. Then, after unsuccessful for Turkey Tripolitanian war and, especially, after Balkan Wars, Young Turks "were retrained” into panturkists and panislamists.

Osmanizm became a scourge for the nations that were seized by the Osman empire: Bulgarians, Serbians, Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks… The ideas of osmanizm covered terrible crimes, directed toward the forced assimilation of not-turkish people, periodically repetitive pogroms and slaughters. Attempts of the assimilated people to organize self-defense became "the occasion” and "the justification” of genocide - the total destruction of the inhabitants of "recalcitrant” regions. It is interesting that Azerbaijan researcher E. Gasanova, published her book called "The Ideology of Bourgeois Nationalism in Turkey during the period of Young Turks (1908-1914 yr.)” in 1066 attempted to find an "explanation” to osmanizm. "Osmanizm arose as the creation of Turkish bourgeois liberalism, but mainly as reaction on the national liberation motions of the not-turkish people of the Osman empire”, she asserted, by turning upside down the cause-effect connection of the pitiless destruction of the not-turkish people of Osman empire.

However, osmanizm was one of the first in the world ideologies, which confessed racial and national intolerance. Millions of people became victims of this ideology on the extensive lands of Osman empire. This unquestionable fact, the same as the relation to the osmanizm of Balkan people, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrians undoubtedly well known to the contemporary government of Turkey.

Nevertheless, Davutoglu without the shadow of confusion declares: "The Great Powers observe this with the confusion. First of all, France, which attempts to understand: why do we work in Africa. I already gave the commission: whatever African country Sarkozi will go, it is necessary that each time, raising his eyes, he would see the building of Turkish embassy, Turkish flag. I gave indication to rent buildings for embassies in the best places”.

Davutoglu not randomly mentioned France. And here it talks not only about the recognition of Armenian genocide by France in the Osman empire, but also about the history. In fact, France had been the only European country that specifically fought with those crimes generated by osmanizm on racial basis. Turkey, reviving osmanizm founded fear of the adequate rigid reaction of Paris.

However, world community, apparently, considers that Turkey is located somewhere on the margins of history and of Asia, didn’t react on the Davutoglu statement, who recorded the ominous action program of his government. We could think that news about the new/old state ideology of Turkey didn’t reach yet the management of the world leading governments. But, judging according to the same Davutoglu, this is not so. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the sliding into the abyss of misanthropy government of Turkey told to the party-fellows that during the recent meeting with the former President of the USA, B. Klinton asked about the reasons of the sharply increased political activity of Turkey. Davutoglu answered: "Make circle around Turkey on the map with a diameter of 1000 kilometers - 20 countries will fall in it, then make circle with a diameter of 3000 kilometers - 70 countries will fall in it. How many countries will fall into the circle around the USA? Turkey will be interested in its environment”.

Actually, Turkey is not "interested” in its environment. Moreover, this environment is interesting to Turkey only because it is not Turkish. Since the ideology of osmanizm taken by the present government of Turkey, perceives all not-turk nationality people exclusively as the object for the assimilation and/or the destruction. Davutoglu right when he indicates that Turkey is forced to be engaged in neighboring countries. Since Osmans beginning from the sultan Osman the First (it’s on behalf of his name Anatolian Turks began to be called Osmans), who ruled at end of XIII and at the beginning of XIV centuries, they were exclusively occupied on conquests and destruction of people who lived on the invaded territories. Osmanizm, with the prefix "neo” or without it, is the policy of intolerance and misanthropy; the ideology that encourages right to the murder of another faith or race representative; the policy that makes it necessary "to be interested in neighboring countries”.

And if Western Europe or the USA consider that it’s not their business, then, they make big mistake. The ideology of racial intolerance does not recognize space limitation; it bears in itself death and destruction to all nations that are on its way. Therefore especially uncomfortably must feel those nations that already suffered from osmanizm or fascism. By the way, it would be interesting to look at the reaction of European people, if, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy or Germany would proclaim about the recovery of neo-fascism or neo-nazism in their countries. It is easy to imagine what noise the world community would raise, what economic and military measures would be immediately accepted against these countries. Or may be the world community has already been subdued to the thought about the fact that there is only fascist ideology possible in Turkey?

In light of the aforesaid it is worthwhile to ask the question: does Armenia need the ratification of Armenian-Turkish protocols about the building relationships with Turkey. Won’t we appear inside of the neosman Davutogly’s or others Erdogans circle?


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