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Main » 2010 » February » 3 » Erdogan’s black rhetoric
Erdogan’s black rhetoric

 I don’t like to give advices, this is a thankless job, but I would like to recommend readers to read two interviews, given by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the "Euronews” channel and next day, to the editors of Turkish media. I personally have always been curious to follow his speeches, his ability to elude direct answers to direct questions, to present events in distorted way, attempting to maintain the image of educated and tolerant leader of the multinational state. Furthermore, taking on the background of Turkey’s foreign policy course on neoosmanizm, Erdogan clearly attempts to fit the mantle of the caliph: another post, taken away by Turks from Arabs. This explains the behavior of Erdogan in resent years; he positioned himself as the head, and, consequently, guardian and defender of Muslims throughout Middle East.

      With regards of Erdogan's tolerance we’ll recall one fact from his life: in 1998 the future Prime Minister of Turkey was sentenced to 10 months for the propaganda that incited ethic and religious strife. Then Erdogan was accused not only for promoting racial and religious intolerance, but also for the dissemination of the fascist nature poetry: he was fond of reciting different kinds of Ziya Gökalp’s (one of the Pan-Turkism founders) nationalistic verses. True, the future Prime Minister had spent only 4 months: parole "for good behavior”.

       On the parliamentary elections of 2002 the Justice and Validity Party (AKP) with its leader R. T. Erdogan won but, according to the Constitution of Turkey, Erdogan, as having a criminal record had no right to occupy the post of Prime Minister. Then AKP played the dirty trick: government temporarily headed by Erdogan’s assistant Abdullah Gul, who made changes to the Constitution, as a result of these changes A. Gul obtained the possibility to cede the throne to his chief. Islamist, nationalist and xenophobic Erdogan became Prime Minister, and his assistant and "locum tenens” appointed by the President of Turkey (position in this country rather decorative and representative, than administrative). Since 2003 "tolerant” Erdogan leads Turkey.

      In his interview to the "Euronews” channel Erdogan complained, that some EU countries are dishonest. Why? "Because they attempt to push Turkey into a corner of the conditions, that don’t exist in the Community legislation”, explains Turkish Premier. And indeed, Erdogan is rights! In the EU legislation there are no positions that the state doesn’t have right to destroy indigenous population, to close non-state languages schools, to shoot and imprison people, "insulting the dignity of Turkish people” who outline the historical truth. In the EU legislation not specified the state’s right to deny its own crimes against humanity and genocide of indigenous people. It is not specified since in the EU they didn’t know and they couldn’t even guess that one day country called Turkey would knock their door. It is not indicated, since EU was convinced as union of states, a priori not accepting such crimes.

      In EU legislation for example, it is not specified, that journalists should not be shoot, or that villages should not be destroyed according to the national origin of its inhabitants. Following Erdogan’s passage against this background sounds infinitely cynically: "When innocent civilians ruthless killed, when phosphoric bombs are used to destroy infrastructure; when people are forced to live in the prison under the open sky, we can’t link it all to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Turk Erdogan recalled the Human Rights Declaration. Today. Apparently, yesterday, when he ordered the destruction of Kurdish settlements and declared that Turkey will never recognize the Armenian Genocide, he had partial amnesia, and he simply forgot about existence of the Universal Declaration.

      Let’s put aside the difference between Europe and Turkey. In his interview Erdogan touched topics that are much closer to us. Speaking about the Armenian-Turkish protocols, and the resolution of the Constitutional Court of Armenia, he said: "What negotiations? What will we do? Armenia must take these questions into consideration again. Because we, as Turkey, fulfilled our obligations on the protocols. We are sincere and will continue to act in the same way as it was before”.

      Erdogan’s sincerity was shown the next day, in the interview to the representatives of Turkish media: "Ankara without any changes and additions passed protocols to the Parliament, because it came from our good intentions to normalize relations with Armenia”. Turk is cheating. Since already from the following day after ratification of protocols, he himself, the President, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs have constantly declared that Turkey won’t ratify them until Armenia won’t "liberate occupied regions of Azerbaijan”. The majority of Parliament consists of MPs from the Justice and Development Party; so it’s possible to transmit anything there. Of course it’s possible to forbid their discussions and even the adoption. Until the fulfillment of Turkey’s conditions, in protocols nothing.

      In Erdogan’s words "we can’t interfere in the affairs of our legislative structures” – could believe only man who completely unfamiliar with the Turkish reality. In fact he confirms: "so these protocols would be approved, we asked only - about the release of Azerbaijan’s occupied territories”. Immediately after this statement,Erdogan runs to the black rhetoric classical method: false link to a valid document. Here, how it looks. Erdogan: "We don’t ask of something supernatural, we only ask Armenia to respect 4 UN resolutions, where it’s black on white written, that Armenia should withdraw from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan”. It is simple: the Prime Minister of Turkey knows that no one will UN Security Council’s resolutions, where none of the words is alike to what Erdogan said.

      Erdogan intentionally silent that all four UN Security Council resolutions refers to the forces of local Artsakh Armenians, but not Republic of Armenia, were disavowed by Azerbaijan, invariably violated the ceasefire agreements and provoked new fighting. It became the reason of the UN Security Council suspension from the Nagorno- Karabakh conflict. Erdogan, same as I. Aliyev, "sees” in the resolutions only disqualification requirement of the NKR Defense Army, ignoring the problem of proclamation and recognition of NKR, as well as disruptions by Azerbaijan the agreed terms on cease fire. Each time, and it is clearly stated in the resolutions, Azerbaijan violated the armistice agreements and renewed the military aggressions, and as a result of it, Azerbaijan was forced to retreat further more than before.

      Cease fire was the main, dominant requirement of UN Security Council resolutions. Constantly renewed aggression of Azerbaijan that relied on the numerical and technical superiority, led to the impossibility of implementing of resolutions. This vicious circle was broken, with the Russia’s active assistance, more than a year after from the time of the first resolution adoption, when Baku finally realized, that their actions endanger Azerbaijan Republic’s existence. Today Azerbaijan, and then Turkey, suddenly remembered these resolutions; in this case (should we be surprised?) memory awoke very selectively. Such an approach to the issue is not a diplomatic ploy, but ordinary lie. I write it "black on white” according to the Erdogan’s favorite expression. However, to the outrages lie of I. Aliyev and R.T. Erdogan we’ve became accustomed.

      Few days ago Erdogan thanked Moscow "for the active and fruitful mediation” in the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. It happened in Moscow. Here, what the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in Ankara: "United States, Russia, and France which are part of the OSCE Minsk Group show negligence in the issue of settling Nagorno Karabakh conflict. If the co-chairmen of OSCE Minsk Group- the USA, Russia, and France will solve their tasks, then, I think Turkey and Azerbaijan won’t have any problems with Armenia. 

      It turns out, that Turkey has problems with Armenia, emerged… as a result of the constitutional exit of Karabakh from the Soviet Union and proclamation of the Nagorno- Karabakh Republic. There is an elder in the garden; while in Kiev there is an uncle (saying about the incoherence of thoughts), or Turkey continues to consider itself as the biological father of Azerbaijan? However, let’s focus on the fact that Artsakh Republic didn’t a jot violated the idolized in Baku territorial integrity of Azerbaijan Republic, and NKR Defense Army still far from the historical borders of Karabakh. It’s irrelevant for Erdogan: he, along with "dear brother Ilham” dreams of the NKR destruction and massacre of at least minimum 150 thousand Armenians of Artsakh. Present Turkey’s behavior both in connection with the Armenian-Turkish protocols and in relation to the Nagorno-Karabakh’s problem, is nothing but the blatant incitement to a new Azerbaijani aggression against NKR.

      The Prime Minister of Turkey believes that the USA, Russia and France must help in ending the Armenian "occupation” of "Azerbaijani territories”. Erdogan forgot, that precisely as a result of Turkish army Genocide and deportation of the Armenian population of Karabakh in 1918, part of Artsakh was populated by Turks. Today he attempts to complete what couldn’t make his ancestors: Talaat, Enver, Nazim, Ataturk, Nuri. Artsakh is for the beginning. And, nevertheless, it is necessary to be Turk to be in Greek Angora to allow itself to talk about "the occupation” by Armenia of Armenian regions. At the same time, to base on a valid document and to send listeners to non-existent lines, interpreting them and calling the release of Armenian territory "occupation”.

      Building this boorish black PR chain, Erdogan blackmails the world community: "Problem will be solved when this occupation will be ended”. What problem is the issue of discussion? Without saying that under Azeri occupation are vast areas of historical Armenian provinces Artsakh and Utik, known as Nagorno-Karabakh, we have right to be peremptorily and with much more reasons to state: peace in Front Asia and Transcaucasia will be established only when Turkey will free Constantinople and Ani, Angora and Kars, Aleksandretta and Van, Izmir and Tigranakert… Azerbaijan will free Lankon, Gandzak, Balakan, Shamkhor, Kusary, Shaumian… However, not only we can speak of it, since Turkey and Azerbaijan  are entirely up to the last square centimeter, built on the territories of local indigenous people: Armenians, Greeks, Lezgins, Talysh, Arabs, Persians, Tsakhurs, Assyrians…

      Finally, it would be worth to say few words about the next Erdogan’s blackmail: "In Turkey live 170 thousand Armenians and only 70 thousand of them have necessary documents to stay here”. Probably, these are purely Turkish problems: discord with mathematics. Couple of months ago Erdogan said about 40 thousand Armenians in Turkey, now number gradually increased to 170 thousands. I won’t be surprised, if tomorrow the number of Armenians in Turkey will increase up to 200, and then 300 thousands. Turks know how to round number to the necessary one. It is essential to them, since world must be terrify by the possibility of new Armenian Genocide. Alternate. Turks have a lot of experience on that.

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