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Main » 2010 » February » 24 » Black firework for “festival” of Khojaly
Black firework for “festival” of Khojaly
Since the beginning of March 1992 state propaganda of Azerbaijan Republic tells the world about the "genocide” of Azerbaijanis in the Khojaly village. Terrible pictures of killed people filled TV screens of many countries. Azerbaijani agitprop compared Khojaly with Hiroshima, Khatyn, and Lidice and other major tragedies of the XXth century. For the confirmation of the aforesaid Azerbaijani agitprop published and printed numerous shots indented to confirm the "atrocities” of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s armed units. All attempts of the Armenian side to refute this monstrous lie failed, since public’s sense of logic was overshadowed by more than expressive photos. The photographs of killed and raped children, scalped body, mother frozen in a mournful pose above the killed children, turned off thinking and the ability to rational and impartial analysis.

Azerbaijan skillfully used this human psyche property, exposing for the public display more and more "documentary evidences” of the Khojaly tragedy. All reasons and arguments faded against this "universal weeping with illustrations”. Khojaly gradually transformed into the common word, overshadowing many other real tragedies of our time.

"Khojaly” initially pursued the idea of hate increase towards the Armenians in the younger generation of Azerbaijanis. It was the cynical calculation, which continues to this day. In schools, universities, and Youth Theatres told about victims among civilians population of the village, shown photos and videos. The psyche of Azerbaijanis traumatize, number of murders and suicides increases; however, it doesn’t stop apologists of the devouring hatred. Then Azerbaijan’s tested monstrous lie left to the international arena.

At the same time Azerbaijan studiously avoids delicate moments of this tragedy, the questions that required to be answered. List them again.

1. Why Azerbaijan stubbornly ignores reasons of the village assault by the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic’s armed divisions?

2. Why Azerbaijan doesn’t mention the existence of the safe corridor for civilians from the combat zone?

3. Why Azerbaijan doesn’t present number of killed in the village itself? There were only 11 people.

4. Who sent escaping Khojaly people in the Armenian village Nakhchivanik, reporting by the radio, that village was allegedly captured by Azeris and there they can get help? In the clash with the Nakhchivanik’s defensive fort post Azerbaijan side lost up to two dozen people, mostly civilians.

5. Why there is a silence about the fact that the territory, where were found hundreds of Khojaly’s civilians dead bodies was under Azerbaijan’s control? Until the summer of 1993.

6. Why there is a silence about the fact that this territory was actually located within the Agdam’s limits, big city populated by Azeris until the 1993?

7. What is Azerbaijan’s purpose to be silent on the well-known fact that 34 thousand of heavily armed Azeris were in Agdam on February 1992?

8. Why the Armenian troops, if they really wanted to kill Khojaly people released village civilians from the fire bag?

9. How could happen, that the news of the mass loss of Khojaly’s population spread across Baku few hours before the village assault by Armenian divisions?

10. Who and why outraged upon dead bodies of Khojaly people, if known that they were within the territory controlled by Azerbaijani military?

Honest and sincere answer to these questions can ruin the entire pyramid of dirty lie and insinuations, lovingly built by the Azerbaijani propaganda. However, our questions are not over yet.

Azerbaijan operators made videos of Khojaly’s killed bodies several days in a row. In particular, the posthumous fame received Azerbaijani journalist Chingiz Fuat-oglu (Mustafaev), whose footage became the most important "argument” to accuse Armenians, he made videos on 28th February and, second time, on 2nd March of 1992. Both times in the frame Azerbaijani militaries and civilians. However, during the second shooting on March 2 clearly evident that some bodies positions are changed, and some of them subjected to mockery of vandals. Who could do that, if the territory was controlled by the armed forces of Azerbaijan Republic?

This question is not rhetoric, as it may seem at first glance. According to Azerbaijani propaganda it turned out that Armenians let Khojaly people leave in order to kill them (in front of 34 thousand armed Azerbaijanis) in Agdam’s suburbs. After this crime Armenians retreated, leaving the field strewn with corpses to Azerbaijani operators to re-risk their lives after that by breaking into the territory only in order to desecrate the corpses of civilians. Azerbaijan replicates this nonsense already during 18 years in the countless petitions, speeches, articles, books, films and scientific works.

I am convinced that any reasonable person, who faced with aggressive, deceitful propaganda of Khojaly "genocide”, would certainly pay attention to the listed inconsistencies. However, people’s reason was overshadowed by video- and photo documents. Terrible and pitiless.

Some of the young Armenian patriots and enthusiasts undertook to refute this "argument” of Azerbaijan Republic. As a result, after long and persistent search they found a considerable number of facts, fully exposing the sinister role of Azerbaijan in the death of Khojaly people and ensuing bodies desecration. Even today, I can’t unequivocally say that the Azerbaijani servicemen intentionally killed Khojaly people. However, with the complete confidence we can assert that the desecration of bodies made Azerbaijani side: first to conceal wittingly or unwittingly crime and blame the Armenians, and then turning their own crime in the instrument of anti-Armenian propaganda.

On the created by the abovementioned enthusiasts site are collected numerous videos and photos refuting the vile anti-Armenian lies. The site materials clearly show what has been repeatedly written and said: the corpses of Azeri refugees from Khojaly were desecrated by Azeris. At the same time Azerbaijan didn’t distain outright forgery: revealing pictures of other tragedies, including photos of corpses. The hard and laborious work of the site creators turned into success, demystifying the enemy propaganda. I am convinced that Armenian diplomacy should use the site materials in their daily activities.

I am certain also that demystifying of monstrous anti-Armenian lies must be continued. Continuing the search of refutation outside Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, it is necessary to apply to people, who participated in the successful operations of NKR’s release and suppressions of weapon emplacements in Khojaly. Every memory, every detail is important because it could shed light on the monstrous crime committed by Azerbaijan to destroy their own tribesmen.

Azerbaijan that turns every 26th February almost in the mourning holiday, with fanfares and fireworks, must be nailed to a pillar of shame. Masks must be disrupted from killers. Fireworks in the honor of Khojaly‘s people "genocide” must be black, it would adequately reflect the black essence of ideologists, organizers and executors of this crime.

P.S. Article was ready to the publication, when Azerbaijan’s newspaper "Zerkalo” reported the interesting news. According to newspaper, "Turan” news agency in Baku reported the launch of new website Immediately after this "Turan” agency became to expose Azerbaijani propaganda: "However the official Azerbaijani propaganda and the state controlled media overdid and allowed serious mistakes and frauds. Thus, exposing Armenians, some of our electronic media were so overzealous that borrowed photographs from Turkey, Palestine and other regions, presenting this as an evidence of Armenian crimes in Khojaly”. I am sure that such recognitions in "overdoing” became the direct result of staff’ hard work and it will continue.

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