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Main » 2010 » February » 26 » Azerbaijan’s Military Prosecutor's office gave a birth to a mouse. It was dead.
Azerbaijan’s Military Prosecutor's office gave a birth to a mouse. It was dead.
Actually in order to give a birth, it is necessary to be impregnated. The office of Azerbaijan’s Military Prosecutor gets impregnated only by Azerbaijan’s state propaganda, as a result of it, after years of pregnancy; it gave a birth to the dead and already decomposed little mouse.

Publication of the extensive document, about the investigation of Agdam’s tragedy reasons, became clear testimony of unprofessional unsuitability of Azerbaijani lawyers in uniform. In the preface to this "document” Military Prosecutor's office of Azerbaijan Republic first repeated the basic postulates of Azerbaijani propaganda, making its contribution - "Armenians undertook actions directed toward the destruction of our gene pool” - then it began the arithmetic calculations.

As it was noted long ago Azerbaijani government officials are at odds with the arithmetic. It’s not only "million” of refugees or 20 percent of "occupied” territory of the Azerbaijan SSR. The problem is that in this republic they are not able to perform even the simple arithmetic operation: addition. For example, Prosecutor stated that "during Khojaly (Agdam - L.M.-Sh.) tragedy massacred 350 Khojaly inhabitants”. We’ll talk about this number, as well as about others, but now let’s look how did the Prosecutor’s office calculated it, especially because, they were not lazy and counted it twice.

Thus, the first time Prosecutor’s office reported: "192 of the killed people during this tragedy were Khojaly inhabitants, and also 24 people – Azeris that were expelled in 1988 from Armenia, 32 people - forced migrants from Khankendi (Stepanakert - L.M.-Sh.) expelled in 1988-1989, and 35 people that were expelled from other villages of Nagorno-Karabakh, 8 people - Ahiska Turks (more known as "Meskhetian” - L.M.-Sh.), evicted from Uzbekistan during the Fergana events and settled in Azerbaijan”.

By putting these numbers together then you’ll obtain sum of 291 people. Number, of course, impressive, but it falls short in front of 350 declared people. Pay attention to the fact that almost half of the counted by Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor's office victims (even if assume that they really existed) are not Khojaly inhabitants, and Azerbaijani leaders of that time should have to answer the question: why people that already survived tragedy were settled in the dangerously explosive area?

The investigators of Azerbaijani Military Prosecutor’s office without entrusting their own mathematical abilities through paragraph issue new numbers, this time with the indication of the place, where allegedly were killed the Khojaly inhabitants. Let’s read them. So, as Azerbaijani side stated… were killed "111 people in Khojaly, 16 Khojaly inhabitants who escaped from encirclement in the forest of Ketik, 130 people - on the road to Nakhchivanik, 23 people - around Garaguly, 23 people - not far from the Dehraz village, 8 people - in the Shelli direction, 6 people - at 86th km of Askeran asphalt road and other places, and 18 people taken into captivity, in the department of the Internal Affairs of Askeran region”. Even the second-grade student can easily make sure that the amount again falls short of the required number of 350 people.

But let’s do not be very picky, perhaps, in the Azerbaijan schools instead of mathematics they teach the false history of Azerbaijan Republic, or something like "Basics of propaganda”. Let’s talk about other numbers.

During first months after Agdam’s tragedy Azerbaijan’s propaganda used numbers from 1300 to "many thousands”. In Heydar Aliyev’s decree "On genocide of Azerbaijanis” from March 26th, 1998 it’s said: "This bloody tragedy… (talking about Agdam’s tragedy - L.M. – Sh.) got completed by the destruction of thousands of Azeris”. Nevertheless, eventually Azerbaijani propaganda came to the same adopted by summit view: it was declared, that Agdam’s tragedy victims number was 613 people. This number hasn’t changed for several years, and all Azerbaijani appeals in various international structures indicated the same number of 613 killed people. Suddenly the Military Prosecutor's Office, after having, as it claims, "complete, comprehensive and objective investigation” cite the number of 350 killed people, and even this number neither confirm any victims’ names nor even the sum of the given numbers.

Let’s believe to Azerbaijani propaganda, and to the Azerbaijan Military Prosecutor's Office. Let’s even imagine that the Military Prosecutor's Office will shortly "find” those missing victims to reach the number of 350 killed civilians. Let’s also imagine that number 613 is also real. In this case it turns out that Khojaly was defended by at least 263 soldiers. If we consider that the vast majority of "defending” the village soldiers ran immediately after the beginning of assault, then this number could be doubled, tripled, or even multiplied on 10. In the following article we’ll talk about purposes to have such impressive military group on the territory of "peaceful” village. In the meantime let’s just remind that during months on a daily basis from Khojaly were fired nearby Armenian cities including Stepanakert NKR’s capital by missiles and projectiles. Furthermore, headquartered in Khojaly Azerbaijani soldiers for two years completely blocked the work of Stepanakert’s airport, as a result of which republic proved to be in the absolute blockade. Thus, releasing of the besieged Republic and public safety, on medicine and food providing for citizens became the major task of NKR’s political and military management.

Let’s return to the fiction product of Azerbaijan Military Prosecutor's Office and the document sent to the Azerbaijan’s National Central Bureau of Interpol with the list of international wanted persons. Already today it’s possible to say that the International Criminal Police Organization - Interpol – won’t accept this document into the production. Azerbaijan that repeatedly turned to this authoritative organization should know that there they don’t believe words. Evidences of the crime and the degree of suspect’s guilt should be convincing.

List presented for the public display with names of people declared as wanted is ridiculous. Although Azerbaijani prosecutors not for the first time went squash, yet let’s report them that in the list there are people who at the moment of operation  were outside of NKR, as well as long deceased. The vast majority of people, whose names were so carefully refined and lovingly fitted in the list by Azerbaijani commissaires Maigret had nothing to do with the operation by suppressing Khojaly firing points, releasing airport and destructing illegal armed and bandit groups on the NKR’s territory.

While I have no desire to help Azerbaijan Military Prosecutor’s Office, still I would point to the fact that true criminals, who have murdered hundred of Khojaly civilians and desecrated some of their bodies, would be found in Azerbaijan. In a while, I will name some of the ideologists and organizers of this crime. In a meantime I’d like to pay attention of our readers (not investigators, because they know it) to the fact that the criminal investigation into the death of Khojaly people had been discounted on March 31, 1994 by the request of Heydar Aliyev. At that time Azeri investigators with the Soviet education undoubtedly much more competent that now were the way to close to the truth.  

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