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 I don’t like to give advices, this is a thankless job, but I would like to recommend readers to read two interviews, given by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the "Euronews” channel and next day, to the editors of Turkish media. I personally have always been curious to follow his speeches, his ability to elude direct answers to direct questions, to present events in distorted way, attempting to maintain the image of educated and tolerant leader of the multinational state. Furthermore, taking on the background of Turkey’s foreign policy course on neoosmanizm, Erdogan clearly attempts to fit the mantle of the caliph: another post, taken away by Turks from Arabs. This explains the behavior of Erdogan in resent years; he positioned himself ... Read more »

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Starting from December 27 in Bananyar village (Dzuga region) of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic took place incidents that would be assessed in legal and moral evaluation only in a while. On that day, Shia Muslims of the entire world have ceremonies on the memory of martyrdom of Imam Hussein and his companions-martyrs of Karbala, Azerbaijani police raided Bananyar. Judging by the scant information, leaking from Bananyar, there are still some brutal actions against Shias. Police produces mass arrests and beatings against all including women; police officers tie old men to trees and pour water on them; dozen villagers placed in psychiatric hospital. One of the villagers Yunus Aliyev, whose father was brutally beaten and tied to the tree, in protest against police abuse and violence doused himself by gasoline and set up fire on the village square.
... Read more »
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Last few days the citizens of at least three south Caucuses Republics - Armenia, NKR and Azerbaijan - attentively followed events in Moscow and Yerevan. "Cross” and "parallel” visits: Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Moscow, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Yerevan and Armenian Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan in Moscow left no doubts – along with energy issues, as well as problems of establishing relations between Yerevan and Ankara, sides are intended to discuss Nagorno- Karabakh’s problem. It had been discussed also before these visits, but word of politicians, as we know; often words with deeds. So, on "the agenda” there were several issues, including the joint Russian- Turkish energy projects and the problem of opening Armenian- Turkish border.
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On December 3 at the session of the UN General Assembly intended the discussion prepared by Azerbaijan Republic the draft resolution "on the Situation in the Occupied Territories of Azerbaijan”. Baku didn’t make a secret out of how much great work of Ministry of Foreign Affairs staff it took to push this resolution. And what funds are spent for this work.

Promotional troopers of Azerbaijan worked practically among all of the diplomats of all of the countries of all parts of the world, with the exception of Europe, which on some issues, as a rule, votes consolidated. Particular attention was paid to the forgotten island states of the Pacific Ocean: where they don’t even know ... Read more »
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No matter how the Turkish population of Azerbaijan Republic treat Armenians, they should recognize that the Armenians were the unwitting catalyst of the unification process of Turkish tribes into the united national community. However, "the push”, obtained as a result of the opposition of the Turks of Azerbaijan with the Armenians, does not completely mean that the process will be completed and new nation will appear. History has seen a considerable number of examples of decay or death of the nation in its formative stages. It occurs not only on the background of the lack or absence of the "stimulus”, let say common enemy, but also in the relatively calm period.

Karabakh ... Read more »
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There is an interesting phenomenon observed in the Azerbaijan Republic - the search for ethnonym. The fact that the searchers in their suppressing mass still didn’t determine with the same ethnicity, to which it is necessary to give (to devise or to compose) the name is even more interesting. We can say that Baku pundits undertook the task with a lot of unknowns. And, nevertheless, the continuous process of the search for ethnonym for the unknown ethnicity already began to lead the tectonic shifts in the citizens’ consciousness of this republic. Today the inhabitant of Baku does not actually know what nationality he represents. It means, at the level of his own understanding of the object, he probably solved the task for himself, but here is the problem, his own brother wouldn’t agree with it. It turns out that children of the same parents could be Muslim ... Read more »
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Recently the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Akhmet Davutoglu, coming out in front of his Justice and Development Party allies ruling in the state, reported that the government of Ankara approached the realization of the neoosmanizm policy. As reports newspaper "Takvim”, Davutoglu said: "We are - neoosmans. We are forced to be engaged in neighboring countries. And we go even to the Africa”. ... Read more »

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The past week had been marked in Azerbaijan by two public appearances of Ilham Aliyev, in which the President of this republic recorded very unequivocal bellicose statements. In this case the second appearance of Aliev, that occurred during the opening of settlement for the refugees in the Geranboyskiy region had been designed almost in the form of promise to begin the new aggression against the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic in the case of the futility of the Sargsyan – Aliev meeting on November 22 in Munich.

If during the first appearance Aliev limited his speech to the dosed threat: "Our army is becoming stronger. We are negotiating now, but at the same time, at any time we must be read ... Read more »
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Significant event took a place in Baku: a new nine-floor house had been put into the use for those who fled the combat zone from Nagorno Karabakh Republic. This is not an ordinary event, Azerbaijan with all of its oil is not often generous enough for refugees housing, in contrast to the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.The President of Azerbaijan Republic, I. Aliev had a speech in front of the happy settlers, by reason of such an outstanding event. To read the speech of Ilham Aliyev – is a special pleasure, because of the inexhaustible imagination of this man, he likes to hit the audience, like Hugo Chavez, who chewed coca leaves in front of the UN General Assembly. However, Aliyev during his performances doesn’t eat that him, who feeds the listeners by tales. That's why I ask readers: do not judge us too severely for the numerous quotations. Believe me, it's ... Read more »
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Common scene for Azerbaijan cities: the dirty – faced boy comes to the "nonlocal” and begins to insult him. As soon as "nonlocal” tries to call this impudent person to the order, even if  it is only by using words, from the gateway depart appears the band of dregs armed by sticks and chains, and they howling "why do you offend the child ?!” begin to beat up the "stranger”.   ... Read more »
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