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In 1992, Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan made decision to celebrate Nov. 17 Day of National Revival. 18 years later, this day remembered only by journalists and some members of the same Milli Majlis. "Holiday” is long ago a workday, and its designation remained unclear. There are several reasons, we would talk about. 
Long been noted, in the modern Azerbaijan Republic celebrated only the dates that are relevant (or far-fetched) to the activity of Aliyev clan: National Salvation Day - June 15th, Flower Festival - May 10th etc. The Day of "national revival” has no relation to anyone of Aliyevs. Moreover, this holiday could be counted as "anti-Aliyev’s”, since most of the people who made decision on ... Read more »
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Three and a half years ago I published article "Eynulla, be careful! Authorities are ready to murder”, where I expressed concern over the fate of the young and honest Azerbaijani journalist. I never considered Eynulla Fatullayev - the Chief Editor of "Real Azerbaijan” and "Gundalik Azerbaijan” – as pro-Armenian journalist, but his articles always had author’s will to be objective: both in highlighting of Azeri-Karabakh conflict and in describing of Azerbaijan’s domestic affairs. This Fatullayev’s position inspires respect and my three years old article was dictated by this inspiration.
Six weeks later after my article E. Fatullayev was arrested. He was a ... Read more »
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There is an emotional shock among the reading public in Azerbaijan. They suddenly discovered that the population of "starving” Armenia feeds considerably better than people in "prosperous” Azerbaijan. Belarusian agency "Belta” known for its accuracy in researches on nutritional standards has published data, according to it the per-capita consumption of meat and meat products in Armenia in 2008 was 49 kg., and in Azerbaijan - in 2009 (!) was 31 kg. Note that in the famous book of German scientist M. Hamm "Healthy nutrition with meat and without it” indicated the position of both author and the German Society of Nutrition, where the reasonable (healthy) meat consumption ranges from 120 to 150 grams per day, i.e. from 44 to 55 kg. per year. 
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