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Main » 2010 » November » 19 » Day of the Turkish instinct awakening
Day of the Turkish instinct awakening
In 1992, Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan made decision to celebrate Nov. 17 Day of National Revival. 18 years later, this day remembered only by journalists and some members of the same Milli Majlis. "Holiday” is long ago a workday, and its designation remained unclear. There are several reasons, we would talk about. 
Long been noted, in the modern Azerbaijan Republic celebrated only the dates that are relevant (or far-fetched) to the activity of Aliyev clan: National Salvation Day - June 15th, Flower Festival - May 10th etc. The Day of "national revival” has no relation to anyone of Aliyevs. Moreover, this holiday could be counted as "anti-Aliyev’s”, since most of the people who made decision on its establishment furiously criticized Heydar Aliyev and were his implacable enemies. "Wiping” this day and targeting to replace it by the Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis of the world reflects the inter-clan conflicts in Azerbaijan Republic of twenty years ago. Although, the fact that Heydar Aliyev was the puppeteer behind the scene of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan leaders is already proven, still the knowledge of this fact is not necessary for the ordinary everyman of Republic who suddenly became beggar and was deprived of his shelter. 
Milli Majlis made decision to establish this "holiday” in memory of first Baku rallies that took up mass character to November 17, 1988. Then, hundreds of thousands of people gathered on Lenin Square in Baku with the demand to evict from Artsakh its indigenous inhabitants - Armenians. Eyewitnesses of this multi-days meeting, until now with understandable disgust remember the emanating stench caused by huge accumulation of not washed people who ate and then urinated and defecated right there where they were. They also recall forgotten now slogans about the "place of Azerbaijanis combat glory” - Khachin Tape near Shusha, as well as anecdotal relict centuries-old trees and "six-winged butterflies”. All this would be ridiculous, if "national revival” won’t turn into the bloody pogroms of Armenians, and then other Christian people everywhere in Azerbaijan SSR. Let’s also recall that pogroms which led to killing and injuring of thousands and outflow of hundreds of thousands of people from Azerbaijan began Nov. 21, 1988. With the background of stinking square and joyful cries of protesters. 
Finally, we state that "national renaissance”, driven away, by the soldiers in respiratory masks, turned into a terrible misfortune not only for Armenians, but for the entire region, including Transcaucasian Turks. 
"Karabakh bizimdyr!”* - deliriously screamed and raged a huge smelly crowd; the overwhelming majority of them didn’t even know where Karabakh is. Instead they knew where Armenians live in Baku. The Housing maintenance firms and passport offices provided lists and addresses of Armenians… "Death to Armenians!” – squealed "in righteous anger” old and young, men and women sprinkling greedy saliva. They went by crowds into the Armenian houses by brandishing axes, as if they had nomad ancestors’ banner. Not-washed and feral rapists and murders brought into Armenian houses: axe, fire, violence, death. They were not under the influence of drugs, as today some conscientious representatives of Transcaucasian Turks attempt to submit it. The superhuman, truly bestial cruelty of killers and rapists explained only by the power of ethic instinct’s broken loose. 
The expression "national revival” is interesting by itself. What revival do they talk about? What nation do they mean? In fact, if the word "nation” means multi-ethic population of former Azerbaijan SSR, then we must admit that the "revival” became a tragedy for a lot of them. Thus, over the years from an abstract concept "Azerbaijani nation” totally disappeared Armenians, the presence of Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians and Jews became symbolic. 
However, we won’t dissemble: in this case by the term "nation” should be understood only recently scattered nomadic Turkic tribes of Transcaucasia. Their "revival” should be discussed. Other nations of Azerbaijan Republic practically have no relations to the mass acts of vandalism, murders and cannibalism that had place in this republic after the "national revival” of Transcaucasian Turks. Moreover, thanks to Azerbaijan indigenous peoples - Avars, Talyshs, Lezghins, Tsakhurs, Udines - were rescued hundreds and thousands of Armenians in Baku, Sumgait and many other places of this republic. 
From the other side, the Day of National Revival in Azerbaijan should be renamed in the day of inter-tribal unification, since at that day Afshars, Padars, Shahsevens, Terekemens, Karapapakhs and other white and black sheep forgetting their century-old mutual claims, rushed to rob and kill, rape and burn the Armenian population of the republic. They all were united by the bloodthirsty Moloch Turkic instinct of the crowd, they all had the common flag - axe. Inside of Transcaucasian Turk awoke cowardly killer instinct; the animal able that was able to rape on a pavement a child and an old women. Baku’s asphalt, same as in 1905 and 1918 turned into arena of incredible cruelty, bestial nature of Talaat and Nuri, Enver and Asadov descendants… In broad daylight, in front of the whole world, in Azerbaijan cities took place the intercourse of past and present of the never washed Turkish nomad – rapist with wearing modern clothes Transcaucasian Turk - rapist. The result of it is a biological impregnation of ramils safarovs, shahins tagiyevs, murderers of Manvel Saribekian, moral impregnation of akpers gasanovs and rizvans huseynovs…
This was not a revival, as Azerbaijan propaganda people are trying to present today. In 1988 world witnessed awakening of never slept instinct of the Transcaucasian Turk. Observers of the crowd’s unprecedented cruelty afterword will call this phenomenon "Azerbaijani crowd’s factor”; discouraged and confused politicians and psychologists will look for ways to appease this "factor”. They didn’t find. They couldn’t find, since hereditary rapist and killer recognizes only force. Force similar to the one he faced in Artsakh Republic, where he arrived to quench his eternal thirst for blood. 
Worthwhile to note that National Revival Day of Transcaucasian Turk marked as a beginning of the end of their cultivated "custom” to cut out defenseless Armenian population after defeat on the battlefield. Today they are completely deprived of this possibility, since in the rear of Azerbaijan there are no more Armenian settlements. Transcaucasian Turks deprived their children of the opportunity and pleasure to cut and rape unarmed Armenian citizens and peasants by expelling from this republic its indigenous inhabitants. Today, Armenian Army is face to face with Azerbaijan, and Turks not by hearsay know its irresistible force and formidable power. 
Breaking off teeth of the Armenian states, Transcaucasian Turks sooner or later again will have a blood lust, since Turkish instinct inside of them never sleeps. That’s what not-Turkish people of Azerbaijan that are unrelated to the National Revival Day should think about. 


* Karabakh is ours! (interpreter’s footnote) 

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