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Yesterday, Armenian journalists met a number of Turkish media representatives within the frames of the meetings organized by the International Hrant Dink Foundation.’s correspondent asked F. Mete Cubukcu, the news director of one of Turkey’s leading television stations NTV (seen in the photo below), how the dispute between the TV station and Turkey’s Foreign Minister ended.

In early October, Turkey’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs prohibited NTV journalists from attending a ministry-organized press conference. It became apparent that the reason for this was connected with NTV journalist Bilge Egemen who had visited the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh and prepared a series of reports, which were then broadcast from Karabakh. For that reason, NTV did not receive accreditation during the time when Turkish President Abdullah Gul was in Nakhichevan for the summit of heads of Tu ... Read more »

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“Nork” Information-Analytical Center – one of the leaders in IT field in Armenia, opened a branch in Nagorno-Karabakh. The Center cooperates with NKR Social Affairs Ministry and Artsakh Investment Fund.

NKR Premier Ara Harutyunyan, Minister of Social Affairs Narine Asatryan and other officials participated in the opening ceremony. The NKR Social Affairs Ministry website presentation was also made. It is expected that the e-source will raise public awareness and make the department’s activities more effective.

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Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while speaking to journalists, stated that American president Barack Obama has invited him to the Unites States.

According to preliminary information, the business visit will be take place on October 29. “The day of the visit is still to be decided upon,” Erdogan stated.

He said if the sides come to a final agreement and the visit takes place on October 29, he will leave for the U.S. from Iran, where he will be in meetings during that time.
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Azerbaijani youth, mainly 18 to 20 years old, initiated an attack on the bus carrying Armenian journalists before the Armenia-Turkey football match in Bursa, said author and host of Urvagits (Outline) program on Armenian Kentron (“Center”) TV station Petros Ghazaryan to journalists today. Ghazaryan has just returned from Turkey.

According to the television host, that group differentiated from the overall background by their aggressive disposition. Some of the Armenian journalists went part of the way to the stadium on foot; the others, by bus. The ones who walked there remained unnoticed in ... Read more »
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During their meeting before the Armenia-Turkey football match in Bursa, Armenian and Turkish journalists discussed the possibility of launching a common information site, one of the meeting’s organizers Artak Shakaryan stated during a press conference today. Note that Armenian journalists’ visit to Turkey was organized with the assistance of Eurasia Foundation.

According to Shakaryan, the idea of launching such a site is still under discussion. Such a resource will give the two sides an opportunity of direct contact in the area of news and information. Currently, a number of Armenian press make use of Russian sites in order to get information on Turkey, while Turkish media make use of Azer ... Read more »
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At he moment, Almira hotel in Bursa is hosting meetings between Armenian and Turkish delegations. As PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent reported from Bursa, the meeting is attended by RA and Turkish Foreign Ministers, Edward Nalbandian and Ahmet Davutoglu.
No protest rallies were held in front of the hotel, RA President was welcomed with applause. Accident control measures are undertaken.

Following the match, Turkish President will host a reception at the Almira Hotel. After the game RA President-headed delegation will return to Yerevan.
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Armenia may join International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan in February 2010, said Erik Sandahl of the NATO Headquarters Crisis Management and Operations Directorate.
“We are negotiating the issue with Armenia, whose troops will be deployed in Kunduz, northern Afghanistan,” he said during Yerevan-Brussels TV space bridge on October 14.
For his part, Armenia’s Ambassador to NATO Samvel Mkrtchyan said that the number of Armenian servicemen has not been determined yet. “Armenian troops will not take part in military operations but will ensure security of Kun ... Read more »
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European Committee’s annual report for Turkey highlights flaws in spheres of protecting civil rights and ensuring freedom of expression. Despite certain progress, the rights of Kurdish population, national minorities and women continue to be restricted, says the report published on Wednesday, October 14. The document reflects the results of surveys conducted by the recommendation of Turkish Government. 39% of female respondents reported being subjected to violence, and 15% confessed to being victims of sexual assault, AFP agency reports.
As a positive example, the report focuses on cases against several high-ranking Turkish servicemen who plotted a government coup. Court proceeding against alleged “putchists” is the first case in Turkey’s history, sa ... Read more »
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The meeting between RA President Serzh Sargsyan and Turkish President Abdullah Gul has launched, PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent reported from Bursa. Tet-a-tet meeting will be followed by meetings between Turkish and Armenian delegations. President Gul will host a luncheon and reception in honor of his Armenian counterpart. After the football match, RA President-headed delegation will return to Yerevan.
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Problems can emerge from time to time but if intensions and wills are clear, agreement can be reached, Turkish President Abdullah Gul said when commenting on signing of the protocols between Turkey and Armenia. 

“If we succeed in creating a cooperation environment in whole Caucasus region, we can resolve all security issues," he said. 

"We aim at creating an atmos ... Read more »

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