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U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, RA Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandyan and RA Ambassador to Switzerland Charles Aznavour arrived at the University of Zurich where the Protocols’ signing ceremony had to take place.

The documents will be signed within 30 minutes, correspondent in Zurich reports.

Armenia-Turkey Protocols’ signing ceremony was delayed last minute due to the statement’s wording the sides had to voice. State Department spokesman Ian Kelley stated that U.S. side facilitates “the two sides on coming to an agreement on the statements they are going to make at the ceremony.” CNN Turk reported that Turkish side presented new variant of the Protocols’ text. ... Read more »
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"My fellow compatriots,
The historic destine of our nation has many times been focuses on the directive of searching wise exits of the most complex situations. We have only succeeded when we pragmatically assessed the current challenges and took appropriate actions. Today we also find ourselves in a similar position. In order to build and consolidate our statehood we, in our collective identity, need to demonstrate adequate thinking and action.

Today, we are trying to put on a normal track the relations wi ... Read more »
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Delay in signing of Armenian-Turkish Protocols was caused by Turkish FM's desire to introduce in documents clauses concerning Karabakh conflict, a PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent reports from Zurich.

All delagations who gathered in Zurich university have already returned. Armenian delgation was headed by RA Ambassador to Switzerland Charles Aznavur

/PanARMENIAN.Net/  ... Read more »
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The signing of Armenian-Turkish protocols has been postponed by the Armenian initiative, “France Press” reports referring to the press speaker of U.S. State Secretary, who accompanies Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

It’s worth noting that the protocols were due to be signed at 20:00 local time. 


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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will fly to Zurich on Saturday to attend a ceremony where Armenia and Turkey are expected to sign historic accords to normalize relations, the State Department said.

Armenia and Turkey are expected to sign agreements to establish diplomatic ties and open their border.

Clinton will attend the ceremony before heading off on a European tour that includes stops in Britain, Ireland and Russia.

"We have long supported this process and she's going to demonstrate and underscore our support," a senior State Department official told reporters, referring to th ... Read more »
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At 5 p.m. today, ARF-Dashnaktsutyun organized a protest march in Yerevan in connection with upcoming signature of RA-Turkish Protocols, scheduled in Zurich on October 10. Around 4-5 thousand protesters are heading towards Presidential Residence from Mashtots Avenue. After a short rally, march will continue to Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial. Demonstrators are holding posters with slogans saying “No to Protocols”, “No Concessions to Turkey”, “No to Preconditions”.

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Protocols on normalization of relations between Turkey and Armenia will be signed on October 10 in Zurich, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland announced. 

"Protocols will be signed at Zurich University if no new changes appear at the last moment in the program," Hurriyet writes. Protocols will be signed by the Foreign Minister of Turkey and Armenia Ahmed Davutoglu and Edward Nalbandian, " Turkish Hurriyet writes.

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Diaspora’s protest actions proved that Armenians across the globe are vigilant, RA former Foreign Minister Vahan Papazyan said.

As to public reaction, he said that it will become stronger and stronger. “Many in Armenia do not want to believe what’s going on. A wave of discontent will arouse and we will see whether the Armenian people have the instinct of self-preservation,” he said.

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