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16:22 is one year old!
One year ago, on the holiday of the birth of the Armenian god of the sun Mikhra, we "went on the air” for the first time. 12 months already flew. Twelve months of the hard daily work without holidays and weekends. Twelve months of the successes, good luck and findings, twelve months of the errors and doubts, and again successes. But, the most important are 12 months of the acquisition of the large number of friends. And the considerable number of enemies, (what would we do without them?).  

Our friends live in Yerevan and Moscow, Krasnodar and Samara, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, Belgium and Russia, in the USA… the geography of our friends is wide, as wide as the geography of the Armenian Diaspora. We were gathered one after another, there were those, who did not maintain pace and intensity proposed by Voskanapat. But, together we’ve made the team of adherents, the command of friends, who tremulously relates to each other, and who is severe - to the enemy. In a sense Voskanapat became the touchstone, on which soldiers of its battalion sharpen their patriotism.  

To be honest, year ago we did not assume that Voskanapat will arise to the feet so soon. This fact proves, that the just cause will always find the road, will open hearts of the true patriots, people, whose hearts are beaten into unison with the problems of the native land. We are infinitely proud by the fact that Voskanapat made possible the combination of a lot of Armenians (and not only Armenians) into the united and solid command. Today, after rejecting false modesty to the side, we can state: Voskanapat adequately copes with undertaken voluntary commitments.  

Yes, we have responsibilities. These are - the responsibilities of patriots, responsibility of people, who live by the interests and by the pain, by the successes and by the victories of Armenian people. We never hid our purposes and tasks!  

We pursuit so everyone will understand that: Each Armenian always, any minute must be ready to arise under the banners of the armed forces of the Republic of Armenia and the army of defense of Highland-Karabakh Republic.  

Army - is holy for Armenian people, it is the only reliable guarantee of the security for the Armenian people. Armenian army - is a worthy creation of Armenian people.  

We desire each Armenian would realize: The greatest honor for the Armenian - is the honor to protect the native land with the weapon in the hands.  

Until the end of the first millennium AD, before the invasion to the Armenian Highlands hordes of nomadic Turkic tribes, in the Armenian army served the children of noble estates exclusively. Service in the army was considered as the honorable prerogative. Today we all must become nobles; we all must deserve this honor - to stand on the guard of the rest of Armenian people, to protect the sovereignty of Armenian states.  

Among the employees of there are people, who had the happiness to chase aggressor from the territory of Highland-Karabakh Republic. There are also work young people, who holy thought upon the memory of their fathers killed on the front, and also immensely proud feat of their fathers. We all perfectly well understand that any victory requires victims, and we, spiritually and physically, are prepared for these victims. In the name of our common victory. Since each of us feels as a particle of that great whole, that is called the Armenian people.  

Into the tasks of Voskanapat originally were concluded the protection of the interests of Armenian people and Armenian states, moderate opposition and exposure of Azerbaijan propaganda. We have nothing against the Azerbaijan Republic itself but we absolutely reject the attempts of its citizens, whatever post they occupy, to present territorial claims to the Armenian states. Whoever they are…. President of Azerbaijan Republic Aliev or port loader Mamish…. they are our enemies. And we will act against these people accordingly.  

To the category of enemy we also add all of those citizens of Azerbaijan and their infrequent yes-maces from other states, who are trying to conduct subversive activities against the decades-deserved reputation of Armenian. We consider it is one of our duties to prevent such activities, to expose the dirty insides and criminal intentions of enemy of the Armenian people.

We consider that Every Armenian should be able to reasonably and adequately prevent any encroachments against the authority of the Armenian people and the Armenian states.  

Entire activity of Voskanapat is directed toward the awaking healthy feeling of patriotism in Armenians. The task of each Armenian, wherever he lives, must become the expansion of its Armenian consciousness to the consciousness of son and citizen of the Armenian country.  

We all should understand: only the daily readiness and conscious willingness to sacrifice our own interests into the name of the interests of Armenia and Armenian people will guarantee victory in the confrontation forced upon us. We do not have a right to lose our national identity on the foreign land. We are obligated to be the law-abiding citizens of state, where we are, but we are not obliged and we must not doubt on our national identity. Our national originality does not need defensive redoubts, we need to attack, destroy the false and fictitious bastions of the enemies. We are strong because of the fact that we are Armenians. We are the descendants of Hayk, the heirs of David Sasun, and the followers of Mashtots, the grandchildren of the heroes of Sardarapat; all of us are the children of Armenian mountains.  

Armenian, wherever he lives, must feel that he is the son of Armenia.  

Each Armenian is obligated to fight for the recognition of the Genocide of the Armenians of 1896-1923 in the Osman Turkey and Azerbaijan 1918-20 years. The murderer must be nailed to the shame pillar, must suffer just punishment. We don’t have a right to forget about the Armenian land languishing in captivity. Ani and Kars, Gandzak and Nakhidzhevan, Utik and Vaspurakan, Sasun and Tsopk, Tigranakert, Mush, Van, Bitlis, Shatakh, Karin… Land, warmed by the heat of the Armenian ploughman hands, drenched by the sweat of Armenian farmer, and by the blood of Armenian soldier… We, all together, must ensure that Turkey and Azerbaijan would answer for their monstrous crimes.  

We are obligated to focus special attention on the education of our children. Failure to exercise is lack of faith in the spiritual and intellectual forces of our people. Our children - are the bank for our native land, and we are obligated to pay the closest attention to it. Intellect conquers not only in the science and the life, but also in the war. Original energy of Armenian people is obligated to be expressed in large quantities of Armenian scientists and intellectuals. We must take a step into the new historical period by being armed with the most contemporary knowledge. The spiritual and intellectual centralization of Armenian people is our vital task. The false, not reinforced by knowledge nationalism, is a gift to our enemies, since it is capable to bring nation into the spiritual dead end. Indifference to our children, to their training and formation, is the crime, final result of which must be loss of Armenian states.  

Dear friends. Our portal is only one year old. This is a very small period of time for any organization. We are in the beginning of the path. And it depends on us how fruitful will be activity of Today, Voskanapat is only a battalion. And our dream is to turn it into the regiment, division, and army… We are able to do it, we are obliged to do it. Today we accept congratulations with the first birthday, and we greatly hope that this little holiday will be celebrated for many years.  

We promise to you that we’ll stay the chosen path.  

We promise to you, that no political, financial and everyday squabbles will affect our determination.  

We are at the beginning of long and worthy way.

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