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Main » 2009 » October » 28 » Parade of immorality
Parade of immorality
It's no secret that the Caucasus region is one of the centers of world civilization. At the same time, it’s obvious that this region has always been a hot spot of the planet. The Caucasus has long been at the centre of world powers’ attention, which, on the basis of political expediency, constantly interfered with the ongoing developments in our region. The consequences of such policies, continuing up to these days: war, sacrifice, destruction, frozen and hot conflicts, and many of such tragic realities.

It’s known as well that war, as a rule, besides human and material losses lead also to moral losses. And if the material and even human losses are being recuperated with passing the time, the moral losses are practically impossible to restore. Unfortunately, from this point of view, the Russian-Georgian war was no exception.

In particular, taking advantage of this situation, Turkey and Azerbaijan began to carry out talks against the territorial integrity of Georgia, the essence of which is the fact that the basis of Georgian state structure should become the federalization. This is more than impudence. Should the issues of the State Structure of Georgia be resolved in Ankara and Baku? And what about Tbilisi? Isn’t this another Turkish-Azeri aggression? 
There is no need of any comments. Obviously, the two states with the same nation and religion seek to use the situation to realize the long-standing pan-Turkish aspirations using Georgia. 
It’s remarkable that before the Russian aggression Turkey and Azerbaijan under the guise of friendship and partnership tried to force Georgia to inhabit the Kvemo Kartli region and partially Armenian Javakhk with Turks, which would mean an unexampled growth of Turkish element in the mentioned regions, with all the consequences of the fact.  

Surely one can talk rather long on the Azerbaijani-Turkish plans to dismember Georgia However, to prove the reality of the above threats, it’s better to turn to the facts received from close to the Georgian Foreign Ministry sources.  

In particular, violating the diplomatic ethics and applicable laws of Georgia in the crudest mode, accredited in this country the military attache of the Azerbaijan Republic, Major-General Elbrus Izzat oglu Orudzhev started on to the eastern regions of Georgia on his own official car in late August, as if to exlore the occupation forces’ resources of Russia .  

It’s not necessary to describe the adventures of E. Orudzheva on his road (like it always happens in his life as Orudzhev is known as a ladies' man with his chatty language and non-permanent nature among his colleagues). Just let note that in Gori the letter stoped in front of the base of the first mechanized infantry brigade of the armed forces of Georgia, and literally began to question the soldiers on duty at the base about the number of casualties during the Russo-Georgian war, the morale and psychological status of the armed forces and the Georgian population, and so on. No more and no less.  

Then E. Orudzhev demanded (note, not even requested, but demanded) the commander of the Commandant's group to introduce him and asked permission to enter the base, for which, of course, received a negative response.  

However, the adventures of "James Bond" of our days are not finished with this. One can only imagine how pragmatic, to say it mildly, a person should be (preserving the rules of ethics, we reject other assessments) to do the thing which will be described below.  

Thus, supposing that Gori is not an Azerbaijani territory, and Senaki exactly belongs to Azerbaijan, Mr. Orujov again begins his "brilliant" work in front of the base of second mechanized infantry brigade located in Senaki. To honour of the commander of the local commandant of the detachment it’s necessary to say that he prohibited Orudzhev to leave the base until obtaining permission from the superior commander. Incidentally, let us note that if the commandant of the detachment commander of Gori was more vigilant, Mr Orudzhev would not ever arrive in Senaki.  

After completing his "mission", Mr Orudzhev, naturally, was warned by the relevant authorities of Georgia on the inadmissibility of such activities and violation of accepted norms.  

But it is surprising that after all this, the mentioned Mister continued to exercise his ambitions. As the international experience suggests, Mr. Orudzhev should have been declared as an undesirable person long ago («persona non grata») and expelled from Georgia.  

What can this be called, if not impudence? Since when have Gori and Senaki been considered Azerbaijani territories, where every Azerbaijani soldier can afford doing whatever has in his mind? The question here is not in Orudzhev’s petty being. We are not absolutely interested in his moral criteria. The issue is more significant than one can imagine. Without permission and approval of higher authorities in Baku, E. Orudzhev would not dare even to go outside Tbilisi.  

As an addition let us note that in 1992-94, when Armenian forces were in the depths of a wedge of Artsakh, the Georgians with their usual Caucasian sincerity did not try to take advantage of the difficulties of their neighbor. Despite the historically based realities.

Konstantin AZARYAN

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