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Main » 2010 » April » 13 » Once more about terrorists in Karabakh
Once more about terrorists in Karabakh
Azerbaijani website published long article (in 2 parts) of certain Gasan Tatoglu from Vienna, where the author, as he wrote, attempted to understand the Armenian point of view on Khojaly’s (Agdam’s L. M.-Sh.) tragedy. This desire of course if commendable, and Azerbaijani side long ago had to calmly and unbiased understand facts. However, Tatoglu didn’t succeed on "calmly understanding”, throughout the article author tried to refute published facts and Armenian side’s arguments about Agdam’s tragedy. After all, the author very clumsily shifts the accent on the internal politics vicissitudes of Republic of Armenia. Allah with him, it’s not worth while to expect more from the resident of Vienna with suddenly awakened patriotism.

Actually, it doesn’t matter where Tatoglu lives, since his tagiya’s nature is strong.(according to Islam, in case if the true Muslims are weak in front of the more powerful enemy then they suppose to hide their true intentions, or… to cheat. Tagiya is Islam’s legalized lie.) In this regard and also because Tatoglu devoted to my modest person disproportionate attention, and even called me the author of the Bible, which describes the Armenian (by the way why Armenian?) truth about Agdam’s tragedy, I will have to answer to the late researcher of this beaten topic. I also hope that other mentioned Armenian authors, in particular, creators will find time to condescend to answer foreign opponent.

I will begin from the fact that Nagorno–Karabakh Republic’s authorities not only had rights but also were obliged to destroy entrenched in Khojaly terrorist groups. Supported by Azerbaijani government illegal armed groups in Khojaly, fired populated areas of the young state, killed women, children and NKR’s civilians, blocked the only country’s airport, became a serious challenge for Stepanakert. I repeat: the authorities had to destroy terrorists and create conditions for the people of Karabakh, incompatible with the normal and safe life. Repeated warnings and suggestions of NKR’s authorities to lay down arms and live creative lives have been ignored by terrorists. Under these circumstances, the only suppression way of terrorist activities of a thousand armed bandits remained the military operation.

In Nagorno-Karabakh Republic problem of bandits’ destruction imposed on the need of airport release and the provision of essential medicines, food, etc. Thus, the operation to destroy terrorist gangs and state’s liberation become a vital necessity, the only way to ensure state’s normal functioning and safety of NKR’s citizens.

They knew about it in Khojaly. Later, many villagers told representatives of NKR’s authorities that they asked bandits to leave Khojaly and do not fire from the village territory surrounding towns. Naive, they didn’t know that they were destined to become sacrificial lamb, brought to the altar of internal political struggle in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani authorities also prevented Khojaly people to leave the village. Azerbaijani journalist bitterly wrote about it: had time to withdraw the cattle, and had no time to withdraw people (

However, Tatoglu didn’t mention it, since to write about NKR’s situation, which led to the decision to destroy terrorists, isn’t profitable for him. Tatoglu is more concerned on the truth denial of the real causes of Agdam’s suburbs tragedy. Tatoglu doesn’t hesitate to use tagiya’s tricks or outright juggling. In this sense we can only sympathize with him: should be difficult to refute the truth, especially from the prosperous Europe. But apparently, the desire to "check out" and to buck proved to be irresistible: result of it is his long-winded article.

How Tatoglu works? It's very simple: he takes out of my work’s context phrases, to "deny" them he takes out of phrases from someone else’s job. It’s funny to watch all of his manipulations. Thus, Tatoglu cites me:

"Memorial” Human Rights Centre observers in Khojaly devastation survey confirmed the fact of shelling, but didn’t confirm the fact of stubborn street-fighting, as a result of which could become many victims."

And then he "refutes":

The report of "Memorial” Human Rights Centre states: "During the shelling undetermined number of civilians were killed on the Khojaly territory during the assault.

Isn’t it convincing refutation? Meanwhile, in Tatoglu’s mentioned above "Report” there were few more sentences: "Khojaly devastation confirm the fact of shelling, but don’t match the destruction and damage that characterize stubborn street-fighting".

I can assume that Tatoglu painfully ashamed of his fellow-terrorists, shamefully fled from the very beginning of NKR’s government forces attack. But, no, Tatoglu doesn’t know what the "shame" is. That is why following "rebuttals" of my assertions appear.

Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan writes: "From our side, we note that all remained Khojaly civilians were taken to Stepanakert, and in a couple of days, according to their will, without any conditions were passed to the Azeri side. The fact of a voluntary transfer of Khojaly Azerbaijani people, after careful investigation, was confirmed in the conclusion of "Memorial” Moscow Human Rights Centre.

Then Tatoglu "refutes" me again:

The report of "Memorial” Human Rights Centre states: "... there are Khojaly residents’ indications, women and children, as well as men held as an "exchange material". These indications are confirmed by personal observations of "Memorial” representatives: at 13.03 in Askeran were still being held hostage Khojaly residents, including women and young girls.

The most interesting fact is that, Tatoglu this time also doesn’t boggle. The man simply didn’t notice "two previous sentences of the "Report", where it says: "According to NKR’s officials, all women and children were passed to Azerbaijani side during the week. According to the information received from both sides, to 28.03.92, to the Azerbaijani side were passed over 700 Khojaly captives’ detainees in the city, and on the way to Agdam. The majority of them consisted of women and children.

There are a lot of examples same as mentioned in Tatoglu’s article However, there could be found temporary "errors". Thus, Tatoglu vainly seeks to neutralize the interview of that’s time President of Azerbaijan given to Czech journalist Dana Mazalova. Ayaz Mutalibov’s opinion that was published later was also unequivocal:

"History of claims on Azerbaijani lands knows a lot of bloody pages, massacre in Khojaly is one of them. And some Armenian leaders should not play on the provocation of certain journalists in the pursuit of sensation, or for some other reason alter the meaning of some of my statements and "quoting" me that the Azeri supposedly "by themselves” managed Khojaly’s tragedy to gain propaganda trump”.

Tatoglu boggles again! And the first Azerbaijani President lies! The interview, where Mutalibov accuses Azerbaijani anti-government forces in the death of Khojaly residents, he gave to Dana Mazalova about month later Agdam’s tragedy (published in Moscow newspaper "Nezavisimaya Gazeta” 02.04.1992). The refutation that Tatoglu invokes he gave to "Regnum” Russian agency exactly ... 14 years later: on February 6, 2006.

Of course, it’s possible to refer to the fact that Mutalibov analyzed the Azerbaijani political situation of early nineties of the last century during 14 years. And he understood the truth. Here only one mercantile circumstance that prevents: at the end of 2005 Mutalibov had hope on the return to Baku, and even permission on politics. This hope inspired Mutalibov to waive his own words, to destruct an autobiographical book and to atone for his sins in front of Aliyev’s clan, one representative it - Heydar Aliyev - according to Azerbaijani sources was involved in Agdam’s tragedy.

Tatoglu’s big article is full of fabrications and tagiya’s techniques. There is not enough of patience to respond to all of his little tricks. For this reason the limit is just one example of the unfair opponent, or a good liar. Tatoglu quotes and "accuses" me:

Melik-Shahnazaryan also writes that near Nakhchivanik village, were mostly killed Azerbaijani soldiers:

"Thus, under mass beating (until February 29th) understood these few dozens of Azeri soldiers and several civilians who were killed near the Nakhchivanik village.

The collision between retreating Khojaly civilians and defenders of Nakhchivanik village became surprise for both of the sides. "

Then he happily rubs his hands:

The report of Human Rights Watch said:

"Most of the Khojaly people went by the route crossing the shallow river, then through the mountains and at dawn they came to the open place near the Nakhchivanik village, controlled by Armenians. Here took place the most intensive firing”.

Meanwhile, there is no contradiction at all. Here is what Suleyman Abbasov (one of escaped terrorists) said: "… We with the part of civilians reached the Nakhchivanik village, hoping to find the refuge here: before we were informed by radio that this village was repulsed. Guns banged… During the skirmish we managed to break this barrier…” ("Khojaly. Genocide chronicles”, compiled by Elmira Akhundova, "Azerbaijan state publishing house”, Baku, 1993, p. 31-32). Agdam people simply deceived Khojaly people by sending them toward the guarded Armenian village Nakhchivanik. Therefore this collision was unexpected for both sides: Nakhchivanik militia didn’t expect that Khojaly people would turn from provided to them safe corridor and would cape along with the numerous gunmen in the direction of their village. Naturally, the battle ensued, as tells the same Suleyman Abbasov: "With great difficulty, with the aid of arrived in time Agdam people, we managed to break this barrier”.

In this short furious battle Armenian militia killed several dozen terrorists, with them, unfortunately, were killed several Khojaly civilians. However, Nakhchivanik’s small Armenian defense posts were depressed, and Khojaly people freely went on. To the very Agdam’s suburbs…

What happened further, Gasan Tatoglu can learn from his tribesmen, for example, from Minister A. Garaev. Or he could also learn from the Department Head of Azerbaijani President’s Administration Ali Gasanov. These very informed people like to share their youth memories with living in European capitals Azeri patriotic deserters.


P.S. Gasan Tatoglu so enthusiastically described my "portrait” that even assigned me fantastic position: "The Chairman of External Relations Standing Commission of the Karabakh Armenian Army divisions”. Lacking such deep knowledge in Azerbaijani posts and ranks, but by being grateful person, I can suggest him true story about gachag (robber) Gasan Tatoglu. This blood-thirsty beast along with his gang few years terrorized the Armenian village Gandzak, robbed people, attacked the travelers… Until June 1921 when he was killed by the hand of Levon Melik-Shahnazaryan.
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