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Main » 2011 » January » 21 » January 1990. Baku
January 1990. Baku
These days Armenians remember tragedy that took place 21 year ago in Baku. At those days in the city mostly built by Armenian builders; in the city with its own, unique flavor created by Armenian architects occurred most severe pogroms and murders of Armenian population. The enormous crowd of Transcaucasian Turks consisting of many tens of thousands nonhumans returned to the primitive state; this crowd starting from January 13 robbed and killed, raped and burnt Armenians… Only because they were Armenians. 

Hard to recall these days to victims of pogroms, but we must speak about it. It is necessary. It is necessary not only because our sorrowful silence creates an opportunity for Azerbaijani government to yell and scream to the world of Soviet troops in "peaceful” Baku and to invent another black date in the calendar. It is necessary, first of all, in deference to the memory of hundreds of our compatriots, who were killed by bloody ax in the "tolerant” capital of Azerbaijan Republic. Yes, it sounds sacrilegious but that’s the way how authority and state propaganda of baseborn Azerbaijan attempt to be presented to the world community. 

We can’t remain silent about the fact that to a certain degree.. in terrible Baku tragedy were guilty Armenian inhabitants of the city. Their guilt is not that they were born Armenians, but in the fact that in Armenian naïve way they believed that neighbors whom they often offered helping hand, whose children were they nursed, taught to read and write… so, Armenians hoped that these neighbors won’t let them be hurt. So, until January 1990 they didn’t understand that these "neighbors” helped criminal authority of the criminal formation to keep them hostages. 
Yes, this must be understood and recognized: Armenian people of Baku were hostages for Azeri politicians. It was clearly demonstrated in November 1988, when entire Azerbaijan SSR was under massive, organized pogroms of the Armenian population of the republic. It is true that pogroms of Armenians were also in November 1988 in Baku and not only in November 1988, but until January 1990. However, necessary to recognize that pogroms were barely stopped and the significant part of the Armenian population of city remained … In hope, that state and friends-neighbors will protect them. 

I call it "Armenian disease”: projection of their own morality on others, life understanding, dignity and willingness to help to close one and not very close man. Armenians of Baku built their plans and cherished hope on neighbors as if neighbors were Armenians with same feelings that they had. They hoped, as if Azerbaijan was ruled by humans. They hoped, as if Turk descendant, who raided Armenians throughout 1905, and then in 1918 could change. 

Baku is the city of three Armenian pogroms and massacres. If in 1905 Armenians led by glorious Nikol Duman could defend themselves, then in September 1918, when regular Turkish army units and Azerbaijani "government” broke into the city forces were unequal, then Transcaucasian Turks together with Ottoman Turks in beastly enjoyment cut more than 30 thousand Armenians. Even before that they killed tens of thousands Armenians in Nukha-Aresh, Utic, Artsakh, Shirvan, Shamakhi… Totally, in 1918 on the territory of future Azerbaijan SSR were killed more than 250 thousand Armenians. There would be more killed if Turkey wouldn’t be forced to leave South Caucasus; left without the "ally” Transcaucasian Turks never were skilled to war. 

It was fate of Armenians in Azerbaijan to ascent the scaffold built by Turkish ax before other Christian inhabitants of this republic. Christians, remaining there and lulling themselves same as Armenians before that state and neighbors will intervene, must realize it. Unless, they want peaceful future for themselves and their children. Since Turk always has sharpened ax in the bosom, and he is ready to use this ax not only for the sake of his own misanthropic feelings, but also for the sake of political problems solving of his leaders. Ax - is the only Turk’s "argument” against the lofty ideals of world perception. 

Turk’s intolerance toward representatives of other nationalities and ethic groups originated and obtained its ideologically-practical foundation in their nomadic history: when they pitilessly destroyed opponent, who enjoyed oasis benefits in steppe. Perhaps, as elegantly expressed Ilham Aliyev two heads in one pot won’t boil, one small oasis could not feed and water all suffering and hunger flocks. Turk kept this intolerance to "strangers”, and he is not psychologically ready to "put up with” them. Capturing "oasis”, Turk like jackal rushes to mark his area of residence; even if he understands that it’s just a temporary camp. Woe to the weak that remained inside the marked territory. Since Turk recognizes only force. 

Hundreds of Armenian lives, tens of thousands of broken destinies - tragedy January 1990 in Baku for a long time will remain the unhealed wound in our hearts and reopen our memory. But, this tragedy, however blasphemous it may sound, has positive sides. The Baku massacres of Armenians finally divided us with Transcaucasian Turks. Henceforth, we stand with the enemy face to face, and we don’t have to worry for the Armenians living in the rear of the enemy. From now on there is an Armenian Army - on the way of Turk to the Armenian peasant - the only dedicated and loyal ally of Armenian people. Yes, they are our children; we are proud of them and worry for them. But we know: our grown up sons guard the border so our little children, our people and our country would have guaranteed peaceful future. Armenians - not first nation forced by Turks away from their cradle (or destroyed in the cradle); almost all of the indigenous nations of Turkey and Azerbaijan drunk this bitter cup. However, nature created us way too great to become egoists. We became victims in Baku; our blood was shed in that city that is why it’s destined to us to warn the rest: Turk has the ax in his bosom. 

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