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Main » 2011 » February » 1 » Azerbaijan - Domodedovo. Nature and origins of the attack
Azerbaijan - Domodedovo. Nature and origins of the attack

Starting January 24, many articles in international media begin with "terrorist attack in Moscow’s airport Domodedovo”, after the title there are some lengthy arguments about unavailability of Russian authority to resist organized crime and, as a result need for Russia to "let Caucasus go”. Especially, touches the refrain lines about innocent victims, though everyone knows who is "guilty”, even if culprits are known who has right to lynch.

At first glance, written in these articles correspond to the reality: the power in Russia is still unable to cope with terror; Caucasus, to be frank, is in flame of radical religious ideology and –consequently– terror acts and people are dying without fault. Still the most terrible, people will continue to die, because, inter alia, and of these above mentioned articles. For such is the nature of terror.

Terror - is not a diversion, and aftermath of terrorist attack doesn’t end with the end of act of terror. If sabotage act is directed toward the weakening of state’s military power and its action ends with the very act of sabotage, then the value of terrorist attack prolonged in time and aimed to change population’s political views of the state underwent the terrorist attack. In this sense, publications "relishing” the terror act voluntarily or involuntarily extend the period of panic and confusion (not to speak - fear) among the population that completely consistent with terrorists goal. These articles contribute to the fact that then framed by journalists as "authority’s unavailability to resist the organized crime”.

            Of course, I don’t appeal to suppress terrorist attacks – it’s impossible to do in any case – there is another issue: methods and form of information’s presentation. Not allowed to hurt human’s psyche that already got psychological blow. Erroneous, (to put it mildly) to spread the fear in population and contribute terrorists in achieving their goal. Don’t forget that word "terror” is translated as "fear”, "horror”. Not allowed to inspire terrorists sitting in front of TV set and enjoying the effect of their crime.

Similar approach to terrorist attack contributes new acts, prevents the study of terrorist attacks nature, and doesn’t let correctly understand causes and terrorists’ goals. There appear problems with identification and neutralization of terrorist organizations, and the elimination of causes generating attacks. The fight against terrorism must be complex, and loss of one component can negate the entire work.

Let’s emphasize, intentional distortion of "terror” concept prevents the fight against terror. Here we talk about intentional distortion of this concept, when acts of sabotage are "confused” with terrorist attacks. Meanwhile acts of sabotage aimed on weakening of enemy’s military power, and its action ends simultaneously with the diversion. Thus, Kurdish rebels in Turkey destructing Turkish soldiers and military equipment commit acts of sabotage, no matter how hard state’s government presents them to the world as terrorist attacks. However, note that journalists’ poor training and lack of knowledge of basic terms helps Turkey and some other countries to impose consumers of their propaganda in confusion of enemies’ methods and tools.

We need to understand that terrorist attacks are intended to intimidate population, forcing it to influence state policy. Terrorists don’t hesitate to kill innocent civilians; on contrary, civilian population is their main target, since death of civilians: children, patients gets the loudest response in the community. Terrorists don’t hide their vile faces, believing that it frightens and paralyzes spectator’s will. That is why almost after every bloody terrorist attack organization that was behind the terrorist announces about its involvement in the terrorist attack, often showing photograph or videotape of the suicide murderer.

The fight against terrorism, eradication of this mankind evil, must be complex and universal, but it should not be limited by simple destruction of executors and even customers. First of all, fight against terrorism requires liquidation of its base - terror ideology. Almost impossible to intimidate death the self-destroyer. Ideology of "shahid”-killer actively grown in radical society and Islam must be destroyed. Should be liquidated "shahid” concept toward bloody and pitiless killers. Environment where "shahids” nurtured should be deprived of ideological and political support. Today we are forced to observe that some states raised "shahids” to the rank of state policy.

Azerbaijan nourishes terrorists

In January 1990, throughout Azerbaijan’s capital began mass killings and pogroms of Armenians and the rest of Christian population: Russians, Ukrainians… Hundreds of people were killed. Then, miraculously survived eyewitnesses told chilling stories about inhuman cruelty of beastly crowd consisting of hundreds of thousands people. USSR KGB Chairman V. Kruchkov on USSR Supreme Soviet session told that during these days in Baku were recorded even cases of cannibalism, when killers of defenseless people roasted and ate their flesh.       

January 20, Soviet troops entered Baku in order to stop the orgy of mass murders; they were encountered by fierce resistance. In course of overcoming barricades and liquidation of resistance centers were destroyed approximately one hundred killers and thugs. At the same time, during first day of troop’s entry into Baku, pogrom-makers killed 28 soldiers, about hundred servicemen were injured. It would seem that killers and cannibals had to be given to anathema, should be covered with eternal disgrace. But it only seemed like that.

Azerbaijan went by the other way. It went by glorifying criminals, killers and thugs. Killers and cannibals were buried in mass grave and this construction was called…the "Lane of Shahids”. Today this "lane” is huge and pompous construction, annually visited by tens and hundreds of thousand people. All official guests of Azerbaijan Republic are forced to visit the "Lane of Shahids”. For example, all three presidents of Russia put flowers on the graves of killers.

No doubts: glorification of "shahids” - promotes new generation of killers and there is no coincidence in confession of Chairman of the National Security Ministry of Azerbaijan Eldar Makhmudov about the fact that radical Islamic groups recruit Azeri girls in "shahid”-killers. His deputy, Sulhaddin Akper commenting to the "Echo” newspaper message about destruction in Russia terrorist, citizen of Azerbaijan, stated: "Today, there are already radical (Islamic - L.M.-Sh) organizations recruiting young people in Azerbaijan”. Further he reported: "if we’ll compare situations with 1992-1993, then today the number of radical (Islamic - L.M.-Sh.) religious structures in Azerbaijan has increased, but they don’t advertise themselves, yet”.

Islamic extremist movements are well aware about places where created fertile soil for recruitment of bloody suicide killers. There is no accident in the fact that many "shahid”- women killers who blew themselves in Russia’s crowded places got "instructions” in Azerbaijan. Thus, today not a lot of people in Russia know that terrorist - killers Zara Murtazaliev and Zulihan Elihadzhiev learned to kill Russian people in Azerbaijan.

From the indictment in Zara Murtazaliev’s case.

"Zara Murtazaliev as an active member of band formation fighting with federal forces being trained in the camp of suicide terrorists near Baku, Azerbaijan Republic, in September 2003 arrived into Moscow for the organization of terrorist acts…”

Personal diary of Zulihan Elihadzhiev, suicide-killer who blew herself and people around her in the queue at the box office at a rock festival in Tushino, was kept; there she described her trip to Baku with her stepbrother Zhage, Zulihan and Zhage were in criminal liaison. In Baku lover-brother, with assistance of other Azeri criminals Gasan and Yusuf recruited Zulihan in suicide-killer.

Julia Yuzik, author of "Brides of Allah” and recognized expert on suicide-women terrorists wrote in her book: "Baku, Azerbaijan – the center of everything. It’s a center of wahhabism, center of conceptual training of Chechen women terrorists; it’s also a center of financing from abroad. I know it from people I talked to during this entire year – very different people, from "both sides”.

In 2010 the largest and the most authoritative international organization to fight with financial abuses (FATF) included Azerbaijan in the limited list of countries that finance terrorism. According to the numerous reports of international organizations and US State Department Azerbaijan is the major transit point for drug trafficking into Russia and Europe, it’s confirmed by recently published documents on WikiLeaks site. According to UN data, over the past 4 years the volume of smuggling heroin through the territory of Azerbaijan has increased dramatically. Does anyone doubt the fact that the significant portion of the profit from the transit and grown in Azerbaijan drugs consumed for terrorist purposes? 

In late February of the last year Russian FSB officers inspected the network of stores "Sunnah”, selling religious literature in Dagestan Republic. During inspections was withdrawn large number of literature promoting Wahhabism. Did they focus their attention on the fact that "Sunnah” stores selling the "literature” encouraging terrorism are the property of Azerbaijan’s Islamic leader sheik ul-Islam haji Allah Shukur Haji Zade?

June last year in Nizhniy Novgorod was arrested the leader of an underground extremist terrorist organization "Nurdzhular” ("Nur” - L.M.-Sh.) citizen of Azerbaijan Ilham Islamly. In belonging him apartment was found large number of extremist literature, purchased in "Sunnah” stores whose owner is Azerbaijani sheik.

In Russia there are myriads of Azeri terrorists. Some of their names are associated with many victims among civilians. Sadulla Cheruglanov, Nabi Abiev, Eldar Heydarov, Ilgar Mollachiyev, helped the transit into Russia for more than thirty terrorists from Azerbaijan (anyone can fill this list with dozens of names, indicated on numerous Azeri Islamists sites). Symptomatic, that during terrorist attack in the house of culture on Dubrovka in Moscow, when many spectators of musical "North-East” were killed, one of terrorist holding hostages called the editorial office of Azerbaijani newspaper "Echo”, that gladly granted him the newspaper stripe for the "interview”.

Strictly speaking, it couldn’t be another way. Azerbaijan is the first state in the world officially recourse to "services” of terrorist organizations in 1991-94. Thousands of mujahedeen from Afghanistan, Turkey, Chechnya, Arab countries - were called to "help” in Azerbaijan’s criminal aggression against Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. NKR’s leadership in those years repeatedly appealed to the world community to pay attention to the nascent in Azerbaijan criminal international terrorist community. All these appeals were vain. The danger of that formed world terrorist movement of Islamic radicals under the patronage of President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev understood only after the terrifying terrorist attacks in USA, Russia, England, Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Indonesia, Iraq, Pakistan…

Not everyone remembers today that most blood thirsty terrorists: Basayev, Gela, Arbiev, Khattab, Raduyev took their "baptism of fire” in Azerbaijan… Few people remember that fax order of Osama bin Laden about terrorist attacks against US embassy was from Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan prefers to forget it all. Not to remember, but actively "educate” "shahid” killers.

Three days before the terrorist attack in Domodedovo, Azerbaijan celebrated January 20 at the state level. Over a hundred thousand people led by President and Republic’s management visited the "Lane of Shahids”. All day long television showed footage of Soviet troops enter Baku, all day long were quoted curses in address of Russian people that associated in Baku with Soviet troops. Radicals bringing flower to "shahids”- killers vowed to "revenge”. Three days later there was a terrorist attack. Was it occasional temporary coincidence?



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2 ruba  
Exxuse, I can undertsand u r envious...but just wanna it really what u dreamed about? ya stop yaaaa.funnny..instead of it just watch eurovison 2012.....u will calm down....

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1 gaytzag palandjian  
Today is the 23rd Anniversary of the Earthquake that shook North of Armenia leaving ,over 25000 dead and some 39000 as invalids.We must remember it every year.I often think why instead of just reparing important landmark buildings, and concentrating on a n area not so much subject to earthquakes build there. New housing based on Japanese models, so that in case of yet another earthquake people will not suffer.
After all human life is much more important thatn rebuilding a city -ON SAME SPOT- where , as above said...

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