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Main » 2010 » April » 16 » Appeal of Kuban’s ethic communities to the Government of Turkey
Appeal of Kuban’s ethic communities to the Government of Turkey
Krasnodar regional public organization "Russian - Armenian Commonwealth” «Русско-Армянское содружество» (Head - Corresponding Member of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, Associate Professor Markaryan Varvara) prepared the appeal to the Government of Turkey, to mark the 95th anniversary of Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey. The appeal had been signed by 25 organizations, representing various ethic communities of the Kuban region.  

Appeal of Kuban’s ethic communities to the Government of Turkey 

Russian Federation is one of the most multi-national states of the world. For centuries, on its territory live people of different nationalities and religions. None of them feels oppressed or strangulated in its rights. State provides the opportunities of preservation and development for the richest palette of cultures and languages, contributes education on ethic language. So there is and has been for centuries.

Turkey, by the historical circumstances is also Motherland for many people. However, part of them has an ethnic memory overshadowed by national and religious state’s discrimination. This circumstance is undoubted obstacle on the path of creating democratic society, built on mutual trust and friendship between nations.

In order to avoid further misunderstandings in relations between nations of Turkey, as well as to restore the confidence between them, it is necessary for the Government and Parliament of Turkey to fairly evaluate the events of 1915-1923, to condemn the massacre of indigenous people and to repent the memory of millions innocent civilians.

The blood of Armenian Genocide innocent victims, appeals to condemnation of this outrageous crime against humanity, the first one in 20th century; its impunity served a model for same atrocities against other nations, in particular, Jews in Nazi Germany. We remind that Government of Germany had enough of humanity and courage to admit this shameful history fact of their state, and to officially apologize for those Germans, who committed this heinous crime.

We recall also that both UN General Assembly Resolution condemning Genocide from December 11th 1946, and UN General Assembly, unanimously adopted, Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide from December 9th 1948; came out as a reaction of the world community to the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey and Jews in Nazi Germany. The continuing importance of these documents eloquently indicates the fact that they were taken even before the Declaration of Human Rights.

We, the leaders of public organizations representing various nations of Russia’s Kuban, on the eve of 95th anniversary of Armenian Genocide appeal to the Government of Turkey, to recognize this fact, without impending the triumph of historical truth and by promoting the peace and consensus in the region of the Near East and South Caucasus.

      Appeal signed by leaders of following organizations:  
      Krasnodar regional public organization

      "Russian-Armenian Commonwealth”

      Markaryan Varvara  

      Kuban’s Russian community

      Evdokimov Vadim  

      Korenovskoe district Cossack society

      Kuban Cossack

      Lieutenant-Colonel Ataman 

      Timchenko Mikhail  

      Russian public organization

      "Union of Russia’s Armenians” Krasnodar district

      Gevorgyan Razmik 

      Regional National-Cultural Autonomy of

      Assyrians of Krasnodar district "Hayadta”

      Georgizov Oleg  

      Public Association of

      Greeks of Krasnodar district

      Kanakidi Ilya  


      Organization of Greeks "Pontos”

      Hrimli Vladimir 

      Public organization of Lezgins

      Yarahmedov Yarahmed 

      Cultural Centre of

      Dagestani nations

      Haybulaev Guseyn 

      Kurdish Autonomy "Midia”

      Ankosi Ishhan  

      Society of Kurdish Culture after A. Hani

      Balaev Dursun 

      "Society of Ossetian culture and mercy "Alan”

      Kirguev Peter 

      "Center of Abkhazian culture "Apsny”

      Nanba Edward  

      Krasnodar’s Gipsy National-Cultural Autonomy

      Smailov Vladimir 

      "Yugoslav Society "Jugovića”

      Repovich Milislav  

      Bulgarian Community "Shipka”

      Shchrkov Vladimir  

      Citizens of Syrian origin

      Isridzh Hassan  

      "Bashkir National Center "Agidel- K”

      Abdrahmanov Dim 

      "Tatar Community "Bulgar-K"

      Yagofarov Vasil 

      German National-Cultural Autonomy

      Baumunk Alexander  

      "Society of Jewish Culture "Shalom"

      Goldner Galina  

      Union of Kuban’s Cossack Women

      Morozova Tatiana  

      "Center of Culture and Education "Narek”

      Mosinyan Amalia 

      Local department of all-Russian public organization "Union of Russia’s Armenians”

      Ivanyan Gurgen 

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