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Turkish Businesses Under Pressure in Azerbaijan
Complaints by Turkish businesses working in Azerbaijan still continue to be discussed in Azerbaijani websites and forums. Turkish companies’ representatives state that when Turkish flags were removed in Azerbaijan, they started to exert pressure on Turkish businesses.

Azerbaijani paper Azadliq quotes a Turkish businessman who appealed to the paper’s editorial office: “Checks are carried out in the majority of companies, starting from tax inspectors to doctors. The Azerbaijani leadership has let it be known through different officials that ‘either you must be against Erdogan’s leadership or you must leave Azerbaijan.’ We find ourselves in a deadlock. We are forced to sell our buildings at very low prices, to abandon the property we acquired over years and to return to Turkey. We aren’t politicians. We mustn’t become victim to the disputes between Aliyev and Erdogan. And we can neither come out against our homeland.”

According to this Turkish businessman, Azerbaijani leaders also involve Turkish citizens of Kurdish ancestry in these affairs.

“Turkish students also experience pressure in universities. In the near future, Turkish students are going to organize a protest demonstration against Turkey’s leadership. Azerbaijani leadership also makes use of certain newspapers in order to dispose Turkish businessmen against Turkey. Statements in our name appear in the press, that allegedly Turkish businessmen are ready to act against Turkey, if they get guarantees from Azerbaijani leadership. But we are businessmen. We don’t want to participate in political games,” the businessman stated.

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